Suisei Hoshimachi

星街すいせい, Suisei Hosimati, Sui-chan
Birth:Mar 22
Years active:2018-Present
Debut Date: March 22 2018 Height: 160 cm Fanbase Name: Stargazers Illustrator: Teshima Nari Generation: Solo 0th gen Profile hololive YouTube Twitter A female Japanese virtual YouTuber endorsed by hololive. Currently part of the zero generation wave of hololive Hoshimachi Suisei was originally an independent VTuber focusing on making short comedy clips and song covers. She became a member of idol group S:gnal on July 1 2018 and graduated from the group a month later and resumed activities as an independent. After performing her second original song Tenkyuu Suisei wa Yoru wo Mataide as a guest at AZKis first live she announced that she would be joining Inonaka Music a music label under hololive. On December 1 2019 she was officially transferred from Inonaka Music to hololives main branch. Her dream is to one day hold a live concert at Tokyo Budokan.