Steve Alpert

Stephen M. Alpert
Birth:Apr 19, 1950
Years active:1996-2011
Hometown:United States
Steve Alpert is a former senior executive at Studio Ghibli He traveled with accepted awards on behalf of and worked closely with Hayao Miyazaki from 1996 to 2011. Alpert studied Japanese Literature at Columbia University under Donald Keene and Edward Seidensticker. He speaks Japanese and Chinese fluently having lived in Tokyo Kyoto and Taipei for a combined total of over thirtyfive years. He worked in Tokyo as a vice president at a major bank as president of an American TV animation company and as the head of international sales at Ghibli. He has translated more than a dozen Japanese films and several short works of Japanese fiction. In June 2020 Alpert released a book titled Sharing a House with the NeverEnding Man: 15 Years at Studio Ghibli The book depicts what it was like to work for Ghibli and its reigning genius Hayao Miyazaki. He describes hauling heavy film canisters of Princess Mononoke to Russia and California experiencing a screaming Harvey Weinstein dealing with Disney marketers and triumphantly attending glittering galas celebrating the Oscarwinning Spirited Away Source: Stone Bridge Press