Miyu Matsuki

Birth:Sep 14, 1977
Death:Oct 27, 2015
Years active:1988-2015
Hometown:Kure, Hiroshima prefecture, Japan
Bloghttp://blog.excite.co.jp/matsukimiyu/ She was a voice actress affiliated with 81 Produce. Matsuki was a graduate of Hiroshima Jogakuin Junior Senior High School and Keio University where she majored from the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies. Her parents were officially against her becoming a voice actress but permitted her to move to Tokyo and visit the Keio University after she passed an entrance exam for it. After graduating from university she started pursuing her voice acting career and went at the same time to the Nichinare narration school and the Aksent voice acting school where she later signed under after becoming professional. She made her debut under her real name Matsuki Mieko in 1988 on Nude Makers PlayStation game Mikagura Shoujo Tanteidan. But changed shortly after to using a pseudonym instead as to protect her name. In 2000 she passed an audition and became a member of newly established pop act Up Up under the Akatsuki Project label. In 2002 she got her first major role in an anime tv series Shichinin no Nana. During the same year in June she quit Aksent and signed with talent agency 81 Produce. She became a regular on two radio shows Sakurai Koubou and Cherry Bell in October 2002. The following years saw her involved with the Da Capo franchise a visual novel adapted into an anime where she played one of the main characters Sagisawa Yoriko. Matsuki had been under treatment for acute pneumonia since July 2015. She was diagnosed with a malignant lymphoma caused by the chronic active EpsteinBarr virus infection CAEBV and passed away on October 27th 2015. A posthumous charity event had its proceeds go to CAEBV research which along with the medical history of her rare case has helped establish the diseases mechanism of infection and possible treatment. Source: Wikipedia