Youko Kanno

菅野よう子, Yoko Kanno, 菅野洋子, Gabriela Robin
Birth:Mar 18, 1963
Years active:1986-Present
Hometown:Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Kannos earliest experiences with music came from attending church with her parents. She studied keyboard from a young age on both the piano in her home and the organ at her kindergarten. In elementary school she began participating in composition contests but in high school Kanno began to take more of an interest in literature than in music. She attended Waseda University where she majored in literature but she transcribed music for various student groups at Waseda in her free time. While in university Koei a Japanese video game company asked her to compose the soundtrack to Nobunagas Ambition. The game turned out to be a hit and Kannos music career was launched. Kanno has also composed music for artists such as Maaya Sakamoto Megumi Nakajima and Kyouko Koizumi She is also a keyboardist as well as the frontwoman for Seatbelts who perform many of Kannos compositions and soundtracks. She has collaborated with directors Shinichirou Watanabe and Shouji Kawamori multiple times. In addition to Japanese she speaks a little English and some French.