Kiyoyuki Yanada

清之 梁田

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan Blood type: O Non-anime roles: Aoe Reiji in "Love Mode" (Drama CD) (Japanese) Cool Z in "Shenmue II" (VG) (Japanese) Dai-Majine in "Future-Retro Hero Story" (Drama CD) (Japanese) Depthcharge in "Beast Wars" (Japanese Dub) Duke in "The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact" (VG) (Japanese) Ghaleon in "Lunar 1: Silver Star Story" (VG) Ghaleon in "Lunar 2: Eternal Blue" (VG) Gibari in "Baten Kaitos" (VG) (Japanese) Hassan in "Dragon Quest VI" (CD drama) (Japanese) Iga in "Arc the Lad II" (VG) (Japanese) Iga in "Arc the Lad" (VG) (Japanese) Lawrence Limburger in "Biker Mice from Mars" (animated TV series) (Japanese) Richter Belmont in "Akumajou Dracula X Chronicle" (VG) Richter Belmont in "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night" (VG) (Japanese) Serpent in "Rockman ZX" (Japanese) Zabine Chareux in "Crossbone Gundam" (Japanese) Yogostain in "Engine Sentai Go-Onger"(Japanese)

Character Voice Roles