Yun Kouga

高河ゆん, Risa Kimura (木村理沙)
Birth:Jul 9, 1965
Hometown:Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type:B
Birth Name: Risa Kimura Twitter Instagram Blog A Japanese mangaka. She is married to fellow mangaka Tatsuneko and has a daughter. Yun began her career as a doujinshi artist creating doujinshi for works such as Saint Seiya Captain Tsubasa and Maouden. She debuted in a commercial magazine with the original work Metal Heart serialised in Kobunshas Comic VAL from November 1986. After her debut she continued to contribute on numerous doujin works. However the later disbanding of a doujin circle Yajou Teikoku she had founded with Maki Chikura led to her taking numerous breaks from her commercial works. Due to this there were incomplete works penned by her during this period. During her years in middle school she had been a fan of Masami Kurumadas manga series Ring ni Kakero Fuuma no Kojirou Saint Seiya and Bt X serialised in Weekly Shounen Jump sending Kurumada numerous fan letters asking to meet him after which Kurumada finally agreed inviting her to his workplace. When asked about her penname in an interview in the September 2006 issue of Puff she responded that she had originally thought of making it Kouga Jun but subsequently changed it to Kouga Yun. Source: AniDB