Nobuteru Yuuki

結城信輝, Nobuteru Yuki
Date of Birth: December 24 1962 Birthplace: Tokyo Japan Twitter Nobuteru Yuuki is a Japanese mangaka illustrator animator and doujinshi artist. He has designed characters for manga anime and video games and has frequently collaborated with director Kazuki Akane including on his most famous work The Vision of Escaflowne Yuuki is currently working as a freelancer having previously worked for Artland and D.A.S.T. Yuuki graduated from Saitama Prefectural Toda Shoyo High School and has been active in the schools Manga and Anime Research Interest Club. He found business in the National Health Insurance but couldnt give up on being an animator so he left and became an animator instead. He is good friends with Mamoru Nagano Maria Kawamura and Fumio Iida and they used to go to Tokyo Disneyland on Christmas Eve which is also Yuukis birthday. He works on doujinshi under the circles The Man in the High Castle and Ubik both references to the works of American science fiction author Philip K. Dick. The published doujinshi include key animation from his body of work and specially drawn manga. On the other hand since he worked on Ralphilia Saga by Akara Arisato he has been involved in several works as a guest member of the doujin circle La Moon. Yuuki has also attended several international animation festivals as a guest of honor including Anime Expo Animazement and Otakon. Source: Wikipedia