Ryouko Fukuyama

福山リョウコ, Ryoco Fukuyama, Ryoko Fukuyama
Blood Type:A
Birthplace: Wakayama Japan Zodiac: Capricorn Gender: Female She wanted to become a mangaka at the young age of seven. During her college years she won a manga prize by sending her work to Hana to Yume which was promptly followed by her debut as a mangaka. Right now her latest work Nousatsu Junkie is the 1 most popular manga in the Chinese version of Hana to Yume magazine licensed by Tongli Publishing. Dec. 18 2008 BU She rarely makes public appearances and prefers privacy with regard to images of her. When appearing on an event shes likely to wear a regular face mask. Shes able to speak some German. Also some database websites have picked up and linked an incorrect image to their database entries of her. Twitterhttps://twitter.com/ryocoryocoryoco Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/ryocofukuyama/