Kousuke Fujishima

Birth:Jul 7, 1964
Years active:1986-Present
Hometown: Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Twitterhttps://twitter.com/fujishimakosuke Kosuke Fujishima is a Japanese manga artist. He first came to public attention as an editor of Puff magazine his first job after completing high school. Fujishima originally intended to be a draftsman but took the editorial role after failing to get a drafting apprenticeship. He later became assistant to manga artist Tatsuya Egawahttps://anilist.co/staff/98034/TatsuyaEgawa in the production of the Making Be Free manga and in 1986 began his first original manga series Youre Under Arrest. His second manga series Oh My Goddess also translated as Ah My Goddess is Fujishimas most famous work which made him a household name in Japan. He is also well known as the character designer for several games in the Tales series and Sakura Wars. He is known for his love of automobiles and motorcycles and several of his series and their characters reflect this such as in XDriver and Oh My Goddess. On June 29 2016 the famous 20yearold cosplayer Nekomu Otogi announced her marriage to Fujishima as well as her pregnancy on her Twitter page. On July 7 2016 Fujishima confirmed the marriage on his Twitter account.