Setona Mizushiro

Website Birthplace: Fujisawa Japan Zodiac: Libra Bloodtype: A Setona Mizushiros first real dabble in the world of creating manga was in 1985 when she participated in the publication of a dojinshi. She remained active in the dojinshi world until she debuted in April of 1993 with her short single Fuyu ga Owarou Toshiteita Winter Was Ending that ran in Shogakukans Puchi Comic magazine. For this work she was awarded the 31st Shougakugan New Author Comic Award. Mizushirosensei is wellknown for her series XDay in which she exhibits an outstanding ability to delve into psychological issues of every nature. Besides manga Mizushirosensei has an affinity for chocolate her two cats Jam and Nene and round sparkly objects. Mizushirosensei often travels to Paris.