Eiji Ootsuka

Gender: Male Birthplace: Tokyo Preferecture Tanashi city currently west Tokyo Japan Birthdate: August 28 1958 Zodiac: Virgo Social anthropologist and novelist. Graduated from college with degree in anthropology womens folklore human sacrifice and postwar manga. In addition to his work with manga he is a critic essayist and author of several successful nonfiction books on Japanese popular and otaku subcultures. One of his first animation script works was Maho no Rouge Lipstick an adult lolicon OVA. Otsuka was the editor for the bishojo lolicon manga series Petit Apple Pie. In the 80s Otsuka was editorinchief of MANGA BURIKKO a leading womens manga magazine where he pioneered research on the otaku subculture in modern Japan. In 1988 he published Manga no Koro The Structure of Comics a serious study of Japanese comics and their social significance. Also as critic Otsuka Eiji summarized the case of the Japanese red armys 1972 murders as a conflict between the masculine and the feminine principles as they were both embodied by women and against women Otsuka1994.