Kazuo Koike

小池一夫, 俵谷星舟 (Tawaraya Seishuu), 緒塚敬吾 (Otsuka Keigo), イゴル・キニスキー (Igor Kinisky), 譲 (Jou), 小池一雄
Birth:May 8, 1936
Death:Apr 29, 2019
Years active:1960-2019
Hometown:Daisen, Japan
Blood Type:B
Height: 183 cm Reddithttps://www.reddit.com/user/KazuoKoike/ Koike was a prolific Japanese manga writer novelist and entrepreneur. Early in Koikes career he studied under Golgo 13 creator Takao Saitouhttps://anilist.co/staff/97907/TakaoSaitou and served as a writer on the series. Koike along with artist Goseki Kojima made the manga Kozure Ookamihttps://anilist.co/manga/43686/KozureOokami/ and Koike also contributed to the scripts for the 1970s film adaptations of the series which starred famous Japanese actor Tomisaburo Wakayama. Koike and Kojima became known as the Golden Duo because of the success of Kozure Ookami. Another series written by Koike Crying Freemanhttps://anilist.co/manga/31449/CryingFreeman/ which was illustrated by Ryoichi Ikegami was adapted into a 1995 liveaction film by French director Christophe Gans. Kazuo Koike started the Gekika Sonjuku a college course meant to teach people how to be mangaka. In addition to his more violent actionoriented manga Koike an avid golfer has also written golf manga.