Shinji Wada

慎二和田, Yoshifumi Iwamoto
Shinji Wada was a Japanese manga artist in Kure Hiroshima Prefecture Japan and best known for the creation of the Sukeban Deka franchise. When Hakusensha published Sukeban Deka in 1979 Wadas work became very popular. He was commissioned to create the OAV series and a TV series that spawned three seasons including two liveaction movies. As of 2007 he had been involved in creating his latest manga Crown. He was previously involved in creating Sukeban Deka: Codename = Asamiya Saki. An oldstyle action mangaka. His main characters are women and he draws for a female audience. Debut in 1971 in Margaret. Passed away on July 5 2011 due to ischaemic heart disease. Source: MangaUpdates