Mitsuteru Yokoyama

Official Website Mitsuteru Yokoyama June 18 1934 April 15 2004 was a Japanese manga artist born in Suma Ward of Kobe City in Hygo Prefecture. Yokoyama spent his boyhood during World War II and was evacuated to Tottori with his family. He graduated from Kobe municipal Ota junior high school and went on to the Kobe municipal Suma high school. Osamu Tezuka Metropolis made a deep impression on Yokoyama who wished to become a manga artist in earnest and so he contributed his works to a comic book in his high school days. Yokoyama came out with the book Otonashi no Ken Sword without sound for his manga artist dbut which caught Osamu Tezuka attention. Created the very first Giant Robot series Tetsujin 28 Gigantor in 1956. Also created the first Magical Girl series Sally the Witch in 1966. Died from a house fire in 2004 aged 69.