Satoshi Kon

今敏, Yoshihiro Wanibuchi, 鰐淵良宏
Website Twitter Born: October 12 1963 Died: August 24 2010 Hometown: Sapporo Hokkaido Japan Satoshi Kon was a Japanese Manga Artist and Anime Director. Kon studied Graphic Design at Musashino Art University with the initial idea of becoming a painter. While still in college he debuted as a mangaka with the short Toriko 1984 coming second in the 10th Annual Tetsuya Chiba Awards held by Young Magazine. After graduating he realized the manga Kaikisen 1990 gathering the attention of Katsuhiro Otomo who hired him to work on his World Appartment HorrorWorld Apartment Horror manga. He has his debut in the anime in the anime industry with Roujin Z movie written by Otomo himself who will become a great influence on Kons early career. In 1993 he works with Oshii on Patlabor 2 as a Layout artist and the two will collaborate on the Seraphim 266613336 Wings manga. He has his debut as Episode Director and scriptwriter with the 5th episode of JoJos Bizarre Adventure followed by the short Magnetic Rose in Otomos omnibus Memories He made his directorial debut as Film Director with Perfect Blue in 1997. His last film The Dream Machine remains incomplete due to his passing. Kons death of pancreatic cancer was reported on August 24 2010. He died shortly before his 47th birthday. Before dying he composed a final message which was posthumously uploaded to his blog by his family.

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