consciously watching anime since 2018
reading manga since 2019

next 5 things i'm watching:
gurren lagann
kill la kill
weathering with you
pokémon the movie: i choose you

all of my scores use advanced scoring, with scores for the story, art (including animation), music (obviously omitted for manga), characters and personal enjoyment. the advanced scores are mentioned in all the notes, with notes based on the scores (when i have something to say about them. sometimes i'll have a lot to say and sometimes i won't have anything to say)

note that my scores are heavily influenced by my own enjoyment and emotions. my notes aren't impartial reviews, they're notes heavily biased by how much i liked what i watched or read, obviously

also, my banner and icon are themed based on what anime i'm currently watching (or what i'm about to watch, where there'll be a more subtle transitional banner and icon). this doesn't apply to movies or manga, unless they're linked to whatever i was watching before

also, everything on my favourites are there because they got personal enjoyment scores of 10, obviously they don't have to be perfect because it's my own ass favourites list (though most of them have 10 overall anyway)

also, i follow people who have tastes generally similar to mine or just people who seem interesting

all anime i watch has been dubbed, except for the ones that haven't been dubbed.

list of anime on my list that hasn't been dubbed:

rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai (including movie)
the idolm@ster (including everything)
monogatari (everything)
dropkick on my devil
renkin 3-kyuu magical pokaan
the demon girl next door
touhou: a summer day's dream
touhou: the memories of phantasm
PLUS a bunch of OVAs and movies and shit

list of anime and manga i've consumed that isn't on anilist

why "466gaming"?

because someone already had 466, and i'm 466gaming on every place i can't be 466 on because fate wills it so. should i change it to foursixsix? i dunno, it's not like i have that name on any other site


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