The full list of TGG Reviews. Alternatively theres my list of Horror Reviews. 440 Hello Im TGG Im a manga data mod on this site apparently I also write anime and manga reviews Negative and positive But mostly negative Additionally my soul has been claimed by the specter of famed Canadian hockey player Tim Horton and now I am no more than yet another of his donut slaves. Every day I fear for my life as I wonder with every donut I make if this will be the final donut. Help me. Please break the curse. Tim Horton was once a kind and gentle soul but the King of Burgers bought out the company named after him and as a result his soul became corrupted. Forevermore he now wanders the realms doing the foul King of Burgers bidding amassing poor donut slaves to run the poorly managed and rat infested restaurants under his rule. The donuts arent even made fresh anymore but they still advertise as if everything is made fresh. Its all baked frozen and then put into a box and then we donut slaves just essentially microwave it all. Always fresh Ha Dont you see? They have you in the palm of their hands Nothing is fresh at Tim Hortons Nothing whatsoever ... Wait... oh god. Is that...? THE KING OF BURGERS HAS DISCOVERED ME. NO PLEASE. DONT MAKE ME LOOK INTO YOUR SOULLESS EYES. NO. NO. NO. 440 NO PLEASE NO NO NO NO NO NO GOD WHYNO GOD WHY WHYWHY TIM HORTONS SUCKS WHYNO GO WHYNO GO WHYNO GO PA WORKS SHOWS ARE THE BEST PLEASE NO NO PLEASE NO NO PLEASE NO NO

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