I am multipassioned. I love to read listen to music draw write exercise play sports play board games and card games and watch anime... of course. My ratings do reflect the value of the film from my perspective but my personal enjoyment does weigh heavily into the factor. Basically if you see me rate something a 9 or a 10 there is no reason why you shouldnt watch it. If its an 8 then it misses the mark of perfection but not by much. A 7 is average. If its a 6 that normally means that it may or may not be fit for watching. Be cautious with a 5. 4 and below... I wouldnt even attempt if I were you. Another thing that may help you decide whether to give something a go are the comments/tags that I have for each respective show. I basically try to sum them up quickly sometimes successfully and other times not. Special note for series that I am currently watching: Unless I am rewatching a series I will provide a rating only for the last episode that I have watched that normally reflects almost only personal enjoyment. The true rating will be provided for the series as a whole once it has been completed. I hope that this clarifies my stance on rating helps people to decipher my guidelines and provides enlightenment as to why I rated a show a certain way.