FINALLY Playing 420 Will resume Kingdom Hearts after I beat Ao no Kiseki 2019s Masterpieces: How can you still be a prisoner of hatred? look at that sky Up there no frontier no hatred only freedom Demons Humans even you were all the same were free All of us you hear me? All of us are free Destiny Madness Hatred Sadness... Theyre all meaningless under this sky Mizukami Satoshi Hello Fellow Anilist User feel free to leave a message. If you treat me with respect Ill treat you equally. I used to make reviews on MAL but Im slowly switching to this site eventually Ill do reviews here. Other than that Welcome to my profile Im a Nihon Falcom fan I love the Ys Series and the Trails in the Sky Trilogy My Ranking System: Dont forget ratings are just part of my Point of View do not take it way too personal. 10 Masterpiece: Exceedingly meaningful full of wisdom. Takes many aspects to a whole new level surpassing the standard in every way. 9 Great: Greatly meaningful greatly portrays valuable wisdom and greatly improves the standard. 8 Very good: Very Meaningful good execution. There might be some flaws here and there but nothing that could shadow its excellent take on the genre 7 Good: Meaningful good execution. Might have many issues but nothing that could ruin the experience 6 Average: Entertaining may have a lot of issues but the meaning behind is still clear 5 Mediocre: not good not bad. 4 Bad: Bad execution wasted potential it could have been way better than it did. 3 Very bad: Really bad execution struggles to maintain its shape. Trainwreck. 2 dreadful: There isnt any redeemable quality on it. Mistake after Mistake dumpster fire that sometimes can be entertaining to look at. 1 apalling: The exact definition of what not to do. No Score: Applies to: Non relevant OVAs dropped anime that simply isnt my cup of tea or Anime I forgot over time that I need to rewatch Im a gamer too I generally like RPGs the most so I made this little section to add my favorite games and franchises alongside with games I really recommend: Games Ranked 220 Pending: update my favorite characters

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