Old enough to know better and avid watcher of Anime Mainly an Anime Only watcher because I dont have enough time in my life to work play video games watch anime and enjoy the other stuff I do on a regular basis. Glad Ive learned to take the users of anime sites with a grain of salt because if I listened to half of the people on these sites I would quit watching anime as they make it seem that every series is absolute garbage I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but why do some of these people even bother watching if all they want to do is complain about it? A few notes about my scoring system: 1. I dont look at things like animation quality or who the studio is that worked on it. 2. My scores come from overall enjoyment character development character likeability and story. 3. OP/ED/OST music is always a plus but have a very small bearing on my overall score. 4. Everyone is entitled to their opinion Just because you didnt like a certain anime doesnt mean I should dislike it too and vice versa 5. Opinions are like assholes every one has one and I am entitled to mine 6. Want to rationally discuss a score I gave to an anime? Feel free to PM me 7. I DO NOT and WILL NOT give a score to a series until Ive completed it Scoring something before you even watch the whole thing is pointless and disrespectful to the creators of the series

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