Im just some college guy who watches anime for fun and feels. I want to enjoy anime as much as i could since this is my stress reliever at the same time my best escape from reality. But we have to face reality sooner or later right? Though these days i lean more towards manga. Also currently stuck in VTuber hell. NOTES: My Plan to watch list is full of OVAs and movies of the series i already finished. Also anime adaptations of manga im currently reading. My true To Watch List is noted elsewhere. Majority of the anime series on hold are sequels to their respective shows. I try to give ratings to anime and manga for what the series deserved. However I still tend to over rate some series due to my attachment to the series and/or characters. So take my list with a grain of salt i guess since i just use it as a personal documentation. MUH TWITTER: link I mostly just retweet artworks from various Illustrators. Some are NSFW OTHER STUFF: Cool movie and anime analyses link Random anime scenes link Tsuki ga Kirei ED Line Chats link These conversations between them are just too good to omit specially if you havent read the translated chats. Although i do recommend only reading these upon reaching the final episode. Seiyuu stuff link Kaguyasama Radio link VTuber stuff link link 3D Playlist link VTuber Songs link https://.com/playlist?list=PLRPsVwGLxKuaq1k1EARmxS3Mz5QaYjPF Save me from this black hole pls Random songs from various artists link Anyway yeh. Here have a banana. 220

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