Hey Im not your typical viewer so make sure to add me :3 Originally my curiosity in animated shows peaked when I watched RWBY but since its not originally JP then my first actual anime was Kiss X Sis. I had a pretty interesting way to be introduced to anime but I have no regrets as that show is still very enjoyable even years after embarking on this grand journey. After watching a few fantastic anime I can safely say that drama tragedy and sad stories are my all time favorites as they portray the most realism and usually hit the hardest romance school and slice of life are also some of my favorite genres to enjoy. Ive also been writing reviews for over a year for the anime I watch but never published them online till I migrated from MAL onto here so if you like reading then feel free to check some of mine I warn you that I write expecting the reader to have seen the show though beforehand however though. I am also a dedicated steam gamer and try my hardest to 100 the titles I pick up link will be provided below if you want to add. Lastly shoutout to Kyoto for being my favorite studio and also for adapting my favorite anime of all time: Clannad After Story My favorites for each year: 1995 Neon Genesis Evangelion 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx301Ro1NFFg28bu.jpg 1997 Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx32i4ijZI4MuPiV.jpg 1998 Serial Experiments Lain 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx3394438BQupScYO.png 2002 Kanon 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx144YdWsrDNssRIX.png 2003 Kinos Journey 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx486ygOzgiYJJsB9.jpg 2004 Elfen Lied 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx226vqteB2impeYH.png 2005 Honey and Clover 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx165fJZ2Sy2ThRA.jpg 2006 Kanon 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx1530xvnTgPK9C1aD.png 2007 Higurashi S2 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx1889NqhWV3QwBXZl.jpg 2008 Clannad After Story Still to this day my favorite anime of all time 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx4181V1LCtX1rJgbR.png 2009 KOn 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx5680Xh6B67KuZ2PU.png 2010 Angel Beats 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx65473jWzWyXg34Et.png 2011 Anohana 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx9989qCd2RgAL0P8I.png 2012 Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/nx137599btTLB0wBf6p.jpg 2013 Nagi no Asu kara 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx16067CFX0g435pLob.png 2014 Your Lie in April 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx20665CnzR2zVpdxtR.png 2015 Plastic Memories 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx20872j5PBzzVtrYDM.jpg 2016 Orange 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/nx21647GV5JGjhp5QEL.png 2017 March Comes in Like a Lion S2 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx98478dF3mpSKiZkQu.jpg 2018 Violet Evergarden 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/nx2182710F6m50H4GJK.png 2019 Demon Slayer 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx101922PEn1CTc93blC.jpg 2020 Made in Abyss Movie 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx100643fPH9OgEKKvcI.jpg 2021 Re Zero S2 Part 2 220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx119661GDbUZxrZMz01.png Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198161021337 YT: https://www..com/channel/UCTJWWPMzNkITm2sXYfyXWng Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/domg26 Discord: Senpai5596

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