240https://64.media.tumblr.com/3b16d71f0293fd8da3a1b22b14e7efe2/99de9afe0cdcfeda66/s540x810/109343ab384b25eb8d6a324807e22f44af92a76f.gifv Why yes I do BLANK why do you ask? Ok 3 2 1 lets jam It took me a while to find this I dont know why its in settings. I would spend time making this look beautiful like some other users on this site but its too much effort and time I spend on this is time I could be spending watching more anime or doing work so I have more time to watch anime. Also I dont really feel like putting my personal info up anyway. I watch anime you watch anime and we both have shit taste thats enough to know we can be friends. Your Name Grar of Ash Hataraku Mao sama KonoSuba One Punch Man Kokoro Connect OreGairu Prison School and Death Note are the best shows Ive ever watched and probably will ever watch. Drifters and Promised Neverland S1 were good too definitely give them a watch. Hanekawa and Siesta best girls. Rem probably would have gotten Subaru if she hadnt killed him that one time making her a I actually dont think so now that I type this but ok tsundere. My man Subaru knows this according to our lord and savior Gigguk do not stick your dick in crazyhttps://youtu.be/imch7kBGM88?t=149. Despite all that Im team Rem all the way despite our losses in S2 part 2 theres always the tried and true Domestic Girlfriend coma strat playhttps://youtu.be/ErTEqW125c?t=252. No shut up Im not in denial Grar Maosama and Kokoro Connect need another season and I really hope they get one even if its 10 years after. Edit: Holy Satan it actually happened Also for anyone wondering I doubt people really check my favorites are sorted by when they became favorites of mine so ones from the same show are grouped. My favorite shows among those are in my bio. Its hard to sort them because once a show is a favorite it has to truly stand out and make me say wow thats deep or WOAH I did NOT see THAT coming THIS IS AWESOME. If you suspect you have similar taste definitely give my favorites a watch I think youll like them. If you wanna rock out to some of the best anime ops ever I put them down here below I did say wed jam If you think Im cool or whatever follow me I guess? https://media.giphy.com/media/l389nMyjUOG9q/giphy.gif https://media.giphy.com/media/LWHqj55CFjti0NtPd5/giphy.gif

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