There are three rules in this world:

 - You must not lewd lolis. They are gifts from god that must be respected and appreciated for
   the warmth and wholeheartedness they provide with their cute profile

 - Megumin, no matter what the opinions of the fools may be, is without any hesitation best waifu

 - We all serve only on and true goddess. Christianity, Judaism, Islam or even Buddhism all fail
   to reach the level of prosperity and enlightenment given by this religion. The one and only
   path is of course to submit yourself, as well as anything you possess to the supreme being
   that Komi-sama is, and this whilst simply hoping to one day observe her magnifiscent smile.

Should any of these three supreme rules be broken, thy shall be tossed to the Styx, forbidden of any contact with
regular anime as well as with any kind of pop culture. Thou possessions shall be burnt at the stake along with the
people who lewd Nezuko while thy shall spend eternity in purgatory watching Shoujo Ramune on loop. Thy have been warned. There is but one choice, make it right.

Now for the real profile intro.
I am your usual anime lover, I really like deep anime, and I really like reviewing them ones I genuinely enjoyed(Don't expect negative reviews from me), so do check em out.
I rarely rate any animes cause it's too much of a mess seeing a difference between a 6 and 7 so fuck that.
I'll post regular seasonal anime recommendations depending on wether a show dips off or gets hype so do follow for those.

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