Hello Everyone, I am known as Gizmozz or Giz for short.


About me: Currently came from MAL (when they had their site crisis) and looking to find people with similar interest. Currently getting back into anime after playing World of Warcraft and GW2 for a while. My new work schedule limits the amount of time i can do activities during the week so now catching up on my long plan to watch list, Which i am pretty sure everyone is working on. I am always interested in recommendations.

Favorite Genre: Currently in an action craze so mostly looking at those right now but the SOL is nice to relax to.

How I Rate my Anime:
1 to 4: Horrible, can’t believe what I watched. I am amazed I didn’t drop it
5 to 6: Average show, most likely will not re watch
7 to 8: Very good, most likely to re watch once
9 to 10: Masterpieces in my mind, probably watched each of these at least 4 times.

Still in progress of updating my profile.

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