She/Her 24 On the autism spectrum Probably demisexual The Way I Rate Anime 10 Among the best 9 to 9.9 Great 8 to 8.9 Good to Very Good 7 to 7.9 Average to Above Average 6 to 6.9 A Little Bit Below Average 5 to 5.9 Kind of Bad 4 to 4.9 Yeah its pretty bad. 3.9 and below Absolute garbage. Look I know its a weird way of rating my anime. I dont need it to be pointed out. Badges Here. Challenges In Progress Summer 2024 Seasonal Challenge 1980s Classics Challenge 1990s Classics Challenge 2011 Classics Challenge 2012 Classics Challenge 2013 Classics Challenge 2015 Classics Challenge 2016 Classics Challenge 2017 Classics Challenge 2018 Classics Challenge 2019 Classics Challenge 2020 Classics Challenge 2021 Classics Challenge 2022 Classics Challenge Action Genre Challenge Aria Collection Challenge Beginners Challenge Chinese Zodiac Challenge Community Workshop Challenge Evangelion Collection Challenge Gacha Challenge Gamblers Challenge 1.1 Gamblers Challenge 2.0 Gamblers Challenge 3.0 Higurashi Collection Challenge Makoto Shinkai Collection Challenge Manga Magazine Challenge Monogatari Collection Challenge Monster Challenge Pioneers Classics Challenge Puzzle Challenge: Chess Puzzle Challenge: Crossword Puzzle Challenge: Double Dipping Puzzle Challenge: Genre Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge: PlusMinus Puzzle Challenge: Sudoku Puzzle Challenge: Tag Domino Puzzle Challenge: Tetris Puzzle Challenge: The Chain Retro Classics Challenge Romance Genre Challenge Tarot Zodiac Challenge Western Zodiac Challenge Wit Studio Collection Challenge

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