I'm pretty much what you'd call a loser, both irl and online. Since life always seemed to me to be a big pain in the ass, I gradually sunk into fiction to a point where nowadays I'd put it over reality in a heartbeat.

I love and am fascinated by the art of story-telling. I think that story, when done properly, can be an extremely powerful medium, capable of conveying complex emotions and that stories that manage to do that are nothing short of beautiful.

I particularly like stories that revolve around characters facing hardships and trying to overcome them, even though I don't really have a strong justification for that preference. Perhaps it's because to me life seems to be a constant stream of obstacles, or maybe I just like to envision myself as one of those characters and live the fantasy of being able to get a hold on reality?

To clarify - I'm not a writer myself, at least not a professional one, but I'd lie if I said I wasn't interested in becoming one. Which is why I'm constantly asking myself what distinguishes a good story, or rather a one that I enjoy, from all the others, as well as what makes each of its individual elements "click".

I believe it was Gilgamesh who once said that people themselves aren't all that interesting, but what they are capable of creating can become a subject of interest. Even if that doesn't neccessarily apply to everyone, I hope that I will one day be able to find my own value in what I create.

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