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◍ Main view:
It's nearly same as Maslow's pyramid. in anime the base is the main idea , main emotions and the purpose. If your creations' base is durable enough you can keep adding on the base: characters , suspense , world , designs , music , ambiance , uniqueness , occurances etc. If you make the top parts of the pyramid dense, heavy and if the base is'nt durable enough to handle the heavy part , the pyramid would fall off because the base would dissappear in the cluster or densness of addings and uses. Theese kind of animes' effect mostly disappears in a year. So that you have to make the top parts from less dense materials or you have to make the base from denser materials to make the pyramid stay in one piece. Mostly the characters , music , world etc. decreases in quality because the base is'nt well built enough. The idea and emotions must be denser than everything that you want to add to the top to achive your 'creating' goal succesfuly. If you want to make your pyramid seen from further distances you can add more height and use more materials , make replicas and add flashy stuff to your pyramid. But It takes effort and most the people try to be seen as much as they can. Thats when effort and time mostly goes to waste. Neons and height depends on base. How big and dense your base is , the higher you can make your pyramid , more attention and more the pyramid will be seen by more entellectual community. If we humans can improve from our faults (monotone and similar plots , characters , fanservice , forced meaningless emotions etc..) the anime films , series and Hollywood films etc. Can improve humanity to 'ubermensh'

╼ What is important in anime?
İmportancy order:
♚- idea, uniqeness and purpose 3 pts.
♛- how the anime shows us the idea and is the anime is improving? (execution) 3 pts
♞- characters and world design (and if it does'nt have incoherent fanservice) 2 pts
♝- aesthetics , animation , art , music and ambience accordance 2 pts
♟- extra features and humor. 1 point

the scoring system changes to animes' genre. But not much.

Everything is perfect. Everything has flaws so that everyone can improve. ¯(ツ)

◈ My all time favourite musics from variety of genres that I suggest to everyone to listen:

➢Bach: Air on the G string
﹥Galimatias & Alina Baraz - Fantasy
➢Philanthrope & Omaure& Flitz&Suppe - Solitude
﹥Pola Bryson - Unsaid ft BLAKE
﹥T Matthias - Too Late (ft. NK) (Uplink Remix)
﹥Kendall Miles x sweetbn_ - flowers
➢Flite - Dive
﹥josh pan - roses are dead
﹥Cowboy Bebop - Tank! (Holder's TF2 Version)
﹥LSB - Rolling Sideways (SpectraSoul Remix)
﹥SoUs Prod Katia Q - With U Radio Edit
➢Uppermost - Night Walk (Azaleh Remix)
﹥Bonobo - Eyes Down feat Andreya Triana
➢Sabre Stray Halogenix Ivy Lab Feat Frank Carter III - Oblique
﹥GLXY & Malaky - Marquis
﹥Prokofiev - Dance of the Knights
﹥Galimatias & Alina Baraz - Make You Feel
﹥j^p^n - Lullaby
➢90sFlav - i n n e r
﹥Brahms - Symphony No. 2 in D major Op. 73
﹥Dirtyphonics - Holy Sh!t
﹥BWV 1007 - Cello Suite No1
﹥AK - It Takes Time
﹥LAXX Dion Timmer - Join Me
﹥vaselin - golden
﹥Lars Beck Henri Purnell - Silent Games feat Zekt
﹥MONDO GROSSO - Planetary Tantra
➢Barkley III Quad City DJs vs Yuji Ohno
﹥Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans
﹥NuTone - Tides feat Lea Lea
➢Dizzy Gillespie - Bebop
﹥Element - Dimensions
﹥Ariana Grande - Into You Chartwell Remix
➢deadmau5 & Kaskade - I Remember

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