I watch and read pretty much anything. The ratings I give are taking into account: visuals plot characters and overall enjoyment. Yes I drop a lot of stuff. Dont sit thru anime you dont really enjoy even if you are almost done with it. Unless you want to trash it in a review there is no need to waste your time. Do not let others opinions affect how you enjoy a series and be open to different opinions. Shows in my paused list are shows I dropped once but am willing to give a second chance to. I do not have a MAL account. If something is a masterpiece to you it doesnt mean it will be to everyone else. Rating rubric: 1: This show annoyed or pissed me off in some way or just had terrible execution. 2: The show had some nice ideas but the bad is more than the good. 3/4: Shows that are still bad but were somewhat fun to watch for the majority of its run. 5: This is the rating I would give to an average show and usually the bare minimum for me to enjoy it. Anything above a 6 is good to great and beyond. Yes. My rubric may make no sense but it be like that sometimes.

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