Sup Guys 350 Welcome to my page PROFILE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. YOU MAY SEE SOME CHANGES GRADUALLY BEING ADDED. Clearly I have been slacking off on that So... Who Am I? 500 I started really getting into anime when I watched Nichijou back in 2011 when it was still airing and after a decade of investment I am proud to have been apart of the experience and many communities relating to this medium. Outside of anime I play a lot of competitive Pokemon and casually play Fire Emblem. Im also frequently on AMQ with the same username. I am also a streamer on Twitch while doing YouTube occasionally so feel free to follow me on those platforms if you are interested in competitive Pokmon and anime related content. Latest Video: Anime OP/ED/IN Quiz EASY OTAKU What Are You Currently Watching Right Now? I will be updating this as frequently as I can in case you are wondering what I am really watching and the show I am concentrating on potentially finishing. CURRENTLY WATCHING as of June 15th 2022: What Do Your Custom Lists Mean? Favorites : Basically shows that I cared about the most. Blacklisted : Shows that I prefer were shown less to me. Some of them I wished didnt exist. However not all shows in this category are things I despise. Anime Alphabet : Shows chosen from my Plan To Watch that I will be prioritizing to at least give a watch a show for each beginning letter and a number I guess. What Do You Look For In A Show? 350 Im generally into iyashikei / Slice of Life Supernatural RomComs Psychological Thrillers Horror and Mystery genres of anime. While I do have my preferences and tastes I am always willing to go out of my comfort zone to watch different things. As long as the show can show off its strengths on the screen and can make it entertaining I dont believe theres a bad genre of anime. Because I watch just about every show my ratio of dropped shows will be significantly higher than most people lists. I just want to watch the best anime but you can never figure it out until you actually watch them. How Do You Score Your Anime? 350 I score my anime according to the things I have watched and will be placed in different places if there is a reasonable gap of quality between any of them. Here are how my ratings generally work: 100 Masterpieces that have made me think about them constantly always made me excited to watch more of them kept me consistently engaged and truly are the best shows I have watched. 90 Fantastic shows that are clearly made with a lot of passion and heart to make them worth watching throughout its duration. Any flaws shown in these anime are generally negligible or compensated with its strengths in either the direction animation and/or overall writing. 80 The anime that have succeeded to establish a relatively consistent and entertaining ride that kept me engaged. It was able to pitch in some innovative ideas to distinguish itself from others. Some inconveniences are present but werent severe enough to deter me from the experience. 70 Generally a good show that were able to make me interested as to whats going on but may have not be as emotionally attaching or innovative compared to more higher rated ones. 60 Shows that were able to present some decent aspects that it was enough to be slightly above average. While they may have some charm its possible that the glaring flaws can overtake a good part of the adventure. 50 The median. The middle of the pack. In this area there are no good or bad shows. This score is normally handed when the anime in place was lacking in defining aspects while also showing some slight promise that keep it from being below average. 40 Past the territory of being reasonable. By this point the shows must be lacking in engaging and interesting concepts and/or did not appeal to me. There may have been bits and pieces of quality but is heavily overshadowed by its problems. 30 Even worse. They mustve tried to suck you in on an overblown concept lacking of much substance. Generally not the type of shows I would ever pick back up since there are way better options to choose from. 20 Horrible. Theyre more than likely a big waste of time and provide almost nothing anyway. Generally really hollow shows that dont go anywhere. 10 Absolutely atrocious. Theyre so bad that it makes you wonder what went in the directors head to think that its okay to let these exist. 1 No. Just a reminder that Ive just started using the 100 point rating system. Some ratings may not have been updated yet. Achievements MY CURRENT TOP 5 ANIME 1. KON 2. SteinsGate 3. Hajime no Ippo 4. Monster 5. Kobayashisan Chi no Maid Dragon S If you hate any of these shows Ill just be disappointed with your taste for a bit. I hope well still be friends tho

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