Avatar the Last Airbender Fanboy devolving into a weeb. Plan on fleshing out my description once I have more to say about my tastes etc. Still finding my way and testing every kind of anime and manga I can find. A few things are for certain. I dont discriminate against any genre I will watch any show as long as it has a good story and interesting characters. You may notice my mean scores are pretty high but I usually dont finish bad shows. My dropped list is pretty long and there are even some shows that werent that bad on there. I also tend to go into shows with a positive mindset about them. No reason to force hate and overanalyze if a show appeals to me then its gonna get a high score however I am becoming stricter and stricter and have redone a lot of my scores. Due to my extensive planning list I have made my own Homemade Season. Its a varying number of shows that will be higher or lower depending on whats going on in the real world that I am working to get off my planning list. Essentially Ill lay down categories that I feel like I would enjoy at the moment and then match up shows from my planning. Once I finish all those shows I can move to my new season Its worked decent so far but I am certainly moving slower than anticipated. But theres no rush in my eyes. Favorite Character Grouping: To clean up my favorites a bit I grouped them in to categories majority of which are single gender so its easy to see separation. Did this to highlight more people being at the top instead of it being a mess of characters that are hard to compare. Also stuff definitely overlaps with characters being worthy of multiple groups so I just put them into the one that I felt they were most synonymous with. 1st Waifus 2nd Male MCS 3rd Female MCS 4th Male Villains 5th Female Villains 6th Male Badass 7th Female Badass 8th Male Homies 9th Female Homies 10th Male Mentors 11th Nivea Protect and Care 12th Mascots 13th Lil Homies Recently got into figure collecting as well. Check out what I have https://myfigurecollection.net/profile/JohnMayerYe Also for anybody interested in talking anime with me add me on Discord: John8205

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