220https://wallpapercave.com/wp/wp4987230.jpg Hi there O/ I read everything and anything Im not picky But I do enjoy beautiful art and a good story so Im always on the lookout for those v Im extremely critical of everything I read so its likely my views will not align with the popular opinion 95 of the time. Please dont get upset its not a personal attack on anyone. Thank you for your understanding I tend to rant A LOT when I hate something so thats why most of my reviews are negative. You probably wont be seeing too many positive reviews from me. If something is super good Ill just say its super good and thats that since the work speaks for itself obviously You may wonder If you hate something so much why do you continue reading?... Well I think that regardless of how badly something is written or drawn obviously a lot of work was put into it so Id like to respect the creators creation by seeing it through to the very end. Hence I will never drop anything I read no matter how much it raises my blood pressure reading it .+ Note that some of my indepth review ratings dont coincide with my overall ratings. Thats because either the rating has changed as I continued reading and I havent updated my review to reflect it or because of the different rating system I use in my reviews that evaluates various aspects of the manga/webtoon in question which is far more unforgiving whereas my simple 10point rating is just my gut rating of what I feel as I read. I would say that the overall rating is more accurate since I update it quite regularly after each chapter. Although it may seem like I only read webtoons my true passion is reading manga. I just need to acquire a bigger screen one day so that my eyes dont hurt from squinting at the tiny panels and then Ill be back to reading manga en masse my backlog is huge. I only read webtoons because of their convenience not because I think theyre good nor do I particularly enjoy most of the ones I read. I am always open to recommendations My Blog of Randomnesshttps://julyfire.wordpress.com/ Mini Film Reviewshttps://letterboxd.com/julyfire/ Goodreadshttps://www.goodreads.com/user/show/11910182july

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