KaijuNoU22449 19 Professional Weeb RomCom Enthusiast Professional ESports Player PST CA 350https://i.ur.com/s04URhr.png 1000https://ur.com/R5FFtzZ.png 200https://i.ur.com/x19vr6i.png nbspWhat do you do here???nbsp Welcome Calling me Kai is fine and probably easier to pronounce than my full name hehe. Dont be shy and I hope you enjoy my page Look around read a bit about me and get to know me more. Im known for reviewing all types of anime. You recommend it I watch it. Im always open to requests so feel free to message me whenever. Its something that Ive grown to love especially with the amazing support of all my followers. I also do activities like Waifu Wednesdays Weekly OPs/EDs and Monthly Recommendations so you mightve seen me around already I dont really take myself too seriously and I like to joke around a lot. As far as hobbies go: photography tea tsunderes and art are a few of my many passions. Add me on Discord if youd like to game hang out or just chat about whatever Im always available and Ill respond to you ASAP if you have any questions for me. 575https://ur.com/R7ZYNxX.png nbspWhy dont you follow anyone?nbsp I get asked this question a lot so i thought i should just add my reason here I used to follow people in the beginning but as my followers grew I was unable to keep updated and like everyones activity. Balancing reading all my followers posts managing my own profile keeping my anime schedule and regularly posting reviews became too much for me to handle. So now i truly believe that anyone who follows me should do so because they have a genuine interest in my activities and want to show their support. Im not one of those people that follow others expecting to gain a follow back but im here to provide the best content i possibly can in order to share my joy and passion for anime. This allows me to reach as many people as possible and allow them to join in on the fun So whether you decide to follow me or not all i hope for is that you have fun with my posts and smile at the end of the day. 425https://ur.com/R7ZYNxX.png nbspProfessional Esports???nbsp Yes Ive recently been recruited by Rebel Esports and I regularly compete in Competitive Apex Legends. Juggling anime and esports with a regular job is definitely challenging but i love what i do I also stream on Mixer now thanks to this opportunity. Feel free to drop by and just say hi to see whats up anytime Currently on Hiatushttps://mixer.com/KaijuNoU2 800https://i.ur.com/9oN0O0j.jpg 425https://ur.com/R7ZYNxX.png nbspI LOVE playing Honkai Impact 3rdnbsp nbsp Feel free to add me if you ever wanna coop Captain Name: KaijuNoU2 ID: 102292787nbsp 1000https://i.ur.com/dsEARE9.png nbspWhy HI3??? nbsp nbsp This is currently my favorite gacha game to play daily I absolutely love the regular content the beautiful character designs and the competitive battle system. Best of all? Its super F2P Friendly Seele is HANDS DOWN my favorite Valkyrie to play and 1 Best Girl 1000https://i.ur.com/AfICcsZ.jpg 425https://ur.com/R7ZYNxX.png nbspHow Did You Start Watching Anime??? nbsp nbspWhy Do I Watch Anime??? nbsp nbspAny Favorites??? nbsp 425https://ur.com/R7ZYNxX.png 375https://i.ur.com/6sHyyxS.png 900https://i.ur.com/DI9N2tm.jpg 300https://ur.com/R7ZYNxX.png 275https://i.ur.com/jbKLuBw.png Updating currently... 425https://i.ur.com/O7Ry9ON.jpg 425https://i.ur.com/y5ZB4z3.jpg 425https://i.ur.com/kcNgdK0.jpg 425https://i.ur.com/JQVVZUl.jpg 425https://i.ur.com/8WA2H8K.jpg 300https://ur.com/R7ZYNxX.png 350https://ur.com/WjiOIRt.png I typically rate anime according to 3 main categories: Art and Animation Soundtrack and Audio and finally Storyline and Character Progression. In my ratings chart assume that an 8.5 is about average for your anime. Anything under is below average and anything that scores higher than 9 are anime that I would highly recommend. I regularly write reviews on anime that I believe are worth recommending or avoiding and go into some of the good and bad things about it. I also feel like I should emphasize that I rate anime a bit differently from most people. I dont rate anime according to anything thats out there but rather I rate it according to how well it represented its genre and targeted audience. For example Im not going to compare a shounen with a Slice of Life because art/animation quality has a different focus between the two genres. So it wouldnt be fair to compare apples to oranges. Instead Id compare how well one shounen had done from the others and this goes for every genre. You shouldnt expect some crazy and unique storyline from an ecchi or deep character interactions or progression from a harem. So instead I rate how well an anime has done in delivering and executing what its SUPPOSE to have done right. This enables me to give anime a proper shot and give praise when its well deserved. 575https://ur.com/R7ZYNxX.png 220https://i.ur.com/YQuBN9t.png 450https://i.ur.com/WS7oJQr.gif 400https://i.ur.com/wEcFeah.gif Ecchi Genre Challengehttps://anilist.co/forum/thread/6631 Monster Challengehttps://anilist.co/forum/thread/9777 Monogatari Challengehttps://anilist.co/forum/thread/7566/ 2019 Classics Challengehttps://anilist.co/forum/thread/10377 125https://i.ur.com/WwSyvSM.png nbsp Milestone Badges: nbsp nbsp Genre Challenges: nbsp nbsp Seasonal Challenges: nbsp nbsp Monthly Challenges: nbsp 2019 2020 nbsp Badge Battles: nbsp nbsp Color Day Badges: nbsp nbsp Event Badges: nbsp nbsp Birthday Badges: nbsp 300https://ur.com/R7ZYNxX.png 900https://i.ur.com/m76nVOd.jpg All you Waifus and Husbandos whove visited me:

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