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There is not any groundbreaking thing about me. I am just your every day shy and socially awkward guy who tends to enjoy spending his time alone. Although, when it comes to friends and family, I am more open and friendly. That said, the only way I can truly feel like myself is when I delve into the absurd and infinite never-ending world of internet. I become a completely different person and can show more confidence and not feel afraid to speak my mind if need be. in which case, feel free to message me about anything or add me on Discord to have a discussion of something we both enjoy. Or you know just to get to know each other etc...

Now getting back to the actual topic. I have a massive passion for computers and all-things technological. My education is heading in the direction toward becoming a "computer engineering." A profession I am more than happy to indulge some of my time with. So I can safely live my life to the fullest without it feeling tedious in the long run. Naturally, I am accustomed to the most essential programming language and methods. Moreover, I have basic knowledge of Photoshop, but that's more like a mini side hobby and don't influence my overall life much or at all. Outside of the technical. I enjoy writing.

When I usually update my anime or manga progress. You can generally expect it to contain a post written with my opinions, expectations, good and bad, and so forth of the episodes or a manga chapter. This is common for me as I enjoy writing quite a bit. It also falls in line why I enjoy writing reviews every now and then. It's not as regularly, but when I do dish out an article, I would appreciate any kind of feedback to help me improve. Or just some sweet old praise is more than welcome as well. I am all game if it helps me to progress as a writer.

Few more things to note: when it comes to my manga favourite it's split between the on-going and completed entries. It's not possible to deduce which are what unless you have read the manga in question. Though I couldn't find another smarter way to accomplish this same concept, that's why I had no choice but to go for it this way. Another thing: my fav character is as you can see, split between male and female. I just prefer it this way more.

My anime addiction began in early 2012 with the highly famous Dragon Ball Z. Afterwards, I was binge-watching many anime left and right without easing it up. Before I realized it, I hit a huge milestones one after the other. Eventually, I even dived into the manga world, and my obsession becomes much more robust and solidified. It all leads to a significant change in me as a person for the better no doubt. Through this beautiful culture, I have learned many lessons and still am to this day. There is not a single doubt in my mind. I won't be separating with this entertaining and beautiful hobby anytime soon or maybe even ever for that matter.

If curiosity got the better of you have, you decided to take peek into my animanga list. Most of you would be in for quite the shocking surprise I can with confidence assume. I could see some being just down-right angry or even confused at what the hell is this guy thinking? Especially when you see one of your highly favored and also in the eyes of the majority rated quite poorly. There are a bunch of aspects that needs to mesh well with each other to produce something great and entertaining. The most crucial part of any media or literature is character and the story first and foremost. Both have to blend and complement each other, or you will get nowhere satisfactory. If even one of the aspects is slightly off enough to matter. All the other sufferers slowly from the backlash it negatively causes them.

That's why if we start with characters as an example. They need to be likable and flexible in many ways. Something like how "cliche or "generic they are don't mean you will find them repulsive. Depending on how one uses these features, it can become the saving grace in the most unexpected way. If the job is done adequately, you should find yourself entertained and attached to them quite quickly too in rare cases. All said and done, "story" is not something you can just shove it the side and ignore it altogether. It's normal to look at the character first before the story. In my case, anyway. Since the plot comes after. When everyone is introduced. You have gotten a taste of this world, you will be journeying through.

Once that's done if the character doesn't appeal to you. The story will most likely fall in the same category too. Then you also have to create an entertaining and engaging imaginative world that captures your viewers almost instantly. One of the reasons why One Piece is my favorite of all time (manga wise). It manages to blend a simple setting and story and expand it further into something unbelievable and just groundbreaking if anything. Not the best example when it comes to character development, but you could actually argue on that end. One Piece boasts one of the most fun and lively interacting cast I have come across.

One of the least familiar characters can quickly become the focal point in the story, or you might find yourself emotionally attached to them before you realize it. That's one of the reasons why "cliche" or so-called "generic" anime or manga is rated highly for me since I look at entertainment value and not just the bad parts. Which brings me to another factor being enjoyment as you can see, it takes roughly 60% of my rating in question. This is what we are watching anime or reading manga for right? Obviously, this applies to any media or literature.

An anime or even manga can be highly beloved. But if it falls in enjoyment and the character at the least come off as annoying and dull. I will rate it according to that in mind. Hopefully, I managed to portray my viewpoints on the matter so you can understand my opinion more clearly now. Feel free to shoot a message if you want to know about something.

This is how my system actually looks like. All of the aspects are scored using my own customized and advanced method, which takes everything from the story, characters, animation, art, sound, and world-building. Not to mention, pacing, and direction. Then we have the emotional impact it causes. Finally, the beginning, mid and endpoint. Let's not forget the enjoyment value either. I additionally use the decimal score system to make the most out of my own method.

1.0-1.5 = Abysmal
2.0-2.5 = Rubbish
3.0-3.5 = Very bad
4.0-4.5 = Bad
5.0-5.5 = meh
6.0-6.5 = Okay
7.0-7.5 = Good
8.0-8.5 = Great
9.0-9.5 = Outstanding
10 = Excellent

PC Specs/Prephirals

CASE: Fractal
Design Refine R5
MOB: Asus z170 Pro Gaming
CPU: Intel Core i5 6600 Skylake
GPU: Sapphire Radeon R9 390 8GB w/backplate
RAM: HyperX Fury 2133MHz 16GB
SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB
HDD: WD Green 2TB
HDD: WD Blue 1TB
OS: Windows 10

Monitor: 2 Samsung 24inch 1080p monitors
Keyboard: Razer Ornata Chroma
Mouse: Razer Deathadder Elite Chroma
Gaming pad: PlayStation Dualshock 4
Headset: HyperX Cloud 2 Gaming Headset



1st: Dragon Ball
2nd: Naruto
3rd: Fairy Tail
4th: Death Note
5th: One Piece
50th Anime Completed: To Aru series
100th Anime Completed: Sukitte Ii na Yo
150th Anime Completed: Sakarasou no Pet na Kanojo
200th Anime Completed: Code Geass
250th Anime Completed: Spice and Wolf
300th Anime Completed: Hunter x Hunter 2011
350th Anime Completed: Rokka no Yuusha
400th Anime Completed: Bakemonogatari
450th Anime Completed: Hajime no Ippo
500th Anime Completed: Neon Genesis Evangelion
550th Anime Completed: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
600th Anime Completed: Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
650th Anime Completed: Cross Game
700th Anime Completed: Bakuman
750th Anime Completed: Owarimonogatari S2
800th Anime Completed: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
850th Anime Completed: Imoto sae Ireba Ii.
900th Anime Completed: Uma Musume: Pretty Derby




2017: Boku no Hero Season 2
2016: Re: Zero
2015: Oregairu Zoku
2014: Haikyuu!!
2013: Attack on Titan
2012: Sword Art Online
2011: Hunter x Hunter 2011
2010: Densetsu no Yuusha
2009: Bakemonogatari
2008: Spice and Wolf S1



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