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Feel free to ask me here https://discord.c99.nl/widget/theme1/171744079007186944.png MAL Simkl Steam 550https://i.ur.com/nfYQ2Lj.png 400https://i.ur.com/eug98KO.png clickable images Black Clover Manga 550https://i.ur.com/nfYQ2Lj.png Tonikaku Kawaii Anime Chainsaw Man Manga 550https://i.ur.com/nfYQ2Lj.png 450https://media.giphy.com/media/Yqukl9arKCOZkG9UnI/giphy.gif 70https://i.ur.com/p2xgrG2.pngI am your every day socially awkward person who usually tends to enjoy spending his time alone. I dont stand out in a crowd nor do I want to. I am open to friends and family. I dont mind talking to strangers either. Yet I dont do crowds with tons of people thats where I draw the line. I have a massive passion for computers and all things technology. I am currently studying computer engineering so I can work fulltime with what I enjoy. Besides knowing different programming languages I have touched upon through my bachelor year. I also do simple Photoshop. Thats how I made my banner. This thing with Photoshop is more of a side hobby at the moment and nothing more. Outside of the technical. I am a someone that has gotten into writing reviews. I just love pouring out my feelings through words. Its fun to convey your ideas and messages and see what others might think about it. Although its not something I do very often. It would not be wrong to say I would definitely love to write more if I found the right opportunity. On that end I usually write my thoughts on anime episodes I watch or manga chapters I read. You can find most of my progress activity containing a piece of my feelings detailing my feelings. I talk about my thoughts I analyse and even try to write from a more technical standpoint. Its fun and really do enjoy writing in English quite a bit. I would appreciate comments or liking the post to show me youve read as it keeps me motivated to make more when I see people enjoying my stuff. Sometimes I write articles nonanimanga related as well. There are a few things I do slightly differently from others here at Anilist. First off ongoing entries come first on the favorite section then the completed. It just makes more sense to me that way. Though only those who have seen the animanga in question will be able to tell. Sadly I couldnt find any other way to accomplish this same concept. Lastly I split my favorite character sections so males come first and then female. This is nothing about gender discrimination. If I didnt put my waifu last the poor male section would be almost nonexistent. Thats my reason lol. At last I rate anime manga even light novel as a whole product and if it tends to get a spot in my fav its usually because I found the cover stunning not because the season was far better than the previous or the opposite of the spectrum. 550https://i.ur.com/nfYQ2Lj.png 70https://i.ur.com/fESBSRt.png 450https://media.giphy.com/media/7awMoCDR4BTUFf7Hk1/giphy.gif 550https://i.ur.com/nfYQ2Lj.png 50https://i.ur.com/H7bgPfu.png Everything you see up there is a collection of a list of all my favored genres I like my stories to have. It no issue to me so long as one of the genres is included in any media or literature. Particularly romance is a must if possible. Not all the genres I prefer are listed but these build the basis for everything so it should be more than enough to get my point across. I also really enjoy shounen but I like seinen quite a bit too as you can see from my favorite list. Write everything here anew. 40https://i.ur.com/B7HSDE5.png To now give a brief backstory on my very grateful meeting with anime and manga. It all began in early 2012. I was at the end of DBZ and wanted other anime to watch. I began One Piece in my already fun journey and it was also the one thing that introduced me to the manga world. During this time apart from the obvious you see here. I was addicted to ecchi and harem for apparent reasons. I am sure fellow animanga fans can relate to me. When I finally grew tired of these cliche and generic troupe that became like secondnature to me. I began experimenting and was jumping from genretogenre and was having more fun than my last predicament. 70https://i.ur.com/d18AQxs.png I cant tell you how many times this beautiful culture has saved me both literally and figuratively. Its something that made me the person I am today. I have learned lots of lessons and grown as a person in many ways. There is no doubt in my mind. I will be keeping this culture close to my heart until the very end. Its too precious to me to give up anytime soon. It has the power to make you laugh cry get angry or heal your aching heart from the darker side of the world. Not to mention teach you life lessons and this is common even today. I am still learning so much and will never stop learning. Thats the beauty of anime and manga. 70https://i.ur.com/6w8aquC.png I remember watching One Piece for the very first time. It was eight to nine years ago or so. My initial impression was its childish like more or less everyone who jumped in for the first time. It just didnt catch my interest. However I really became attached to the goofball Luffy and his dedication to becoming a pirate king. He was willing to go to extreme lengths for that goal and that excited me tremendously. Just think about all kinds of shit he will get into. And the fantastic adventure with the optimistic and charismatic personality would lead us toward. Not to mention bits of worldbuilding here and there about the Grand Line. Like how overwhelming massive the world was had me pumped and all ready to go on this enormous fantastic adventure. It started out slow and even for me it took a while before I would consider myself really absolutely hooked. As you know the first part was just a tip of what to come. There were some slipups with tasty worldbuilding here and there. But overall the first few arcs didnt light a great fire in me yet. It was not until we got to the sea restaurant Baratie. Thats where I started to really see more of the greatness of One Piece and its growing potential. For me that was my hooking point. I become completely absorbed into the story and couldnt stop watching at all. Although I was always met up with more awesome surprises as I sailed through the One Piece world. Totally it has four incredible major turning points for me which threw the story in an extraordinary direction I didnt see coming. I wont mention them cause of spoilers but fellow readers or watchers should be able to deduce what those points are. Recently another humongous turning point has surfaced and the heat for this new arc and all the buildup is incredibly exciting. I dunno where Odasensei is taking us with this new expansion but I cant wait to follow it till the end. Before I began OP. I didnt know it had a manga or how damn popular it was. I was just newcomer to the anime world and wanted longer shows to watch and keep me amused. Thats my only reason I decided to give One Piece a shot and oh boy I never regretted that decision one bit. I began around the summer holiday in 2012 so I had allday to just immerse myself in One Piece. It took a little over a month before I caught up. If I recall correctly 600 or so episodes where out at the time. I figured quickly out it was based on a manga and continued my journey from there. That was my first introduction to the manga world too. I doubt I havent made it evident enough but One Piece holds a dear place to my heart. It helped me during the most stressful and difficult times of my life. Odasensei has saved me more times than I can count through this absolutely remarkable fiction he has crafted for us. It has given me the courage to change and the confidence to pursue my goals. It has given me many life lessons and made me appreciate the minor things in life. One Piece for those reasons and more will always be very special to me and hold a dear place in my heart. My important One Piece Posts https://anilist.co/activity/141823101 550https://i.ur.com/nfYQ2Lj.png 450https://media.giphy.com/media/ieySKjjIKjJaxLePEV/giphy.gif 70https://i.ur.com/PPaWucv.png A fellow Anilister since the early August of 2017 550https://i.ur.com/nfYQ2Lj.png When MAL went under an imminent crisis and there was no word about how long it would last. I had to update my addiction some way and so I searched Google. I first tried some other sites but they didnt feel right for me. So I did some more research and come upon by a miracle Anilist. Since then I have not moved or even considering to try something else. Anilist is my home and will be forever I am sure. The community by self consist of nothing but genuine kindhearted people and its easier to interact and make new friends here. I am no doubt staying with Anilist till the end. 550https://i.ur.com/nfYQ2Lj.png 450https://media.giphy.com/media/YOMDhWTXbbWzgSci1r/giphy.gif 70https://i.ur.com/uLevttL.png Here is how my system actually looks like. All of this is rated by my own customized system which takes all from the story characters Animation Art Sound World Building and Enjoyment into account. Additionally I use a decimal score to make the most out of my system. 1.01.9 = Disasterpiece. An absolute waste of time with no redeeming qualities whatsoever 2.02.9 = Rubbish. Had one or two aokay moments but was filled with all kinds of problems. 3.03.9 = Very bad with some rarely satisfactory elements. 4.04.9 = bad but not completely terrible but story and cast are no good. 5.05.9 = a bit of fun but mostly boring with a meh story and a lousy or mildly fun cast with few moments here and there. 6.06.9 = Enjoyable to a degree with a forgettable cast and simple story. 7.07.9 = Good and very enjoyable with a aokay cast but not that memorable. 8.08.9 = Great and damn enjoyable with a colorful and fun cast. 9.09.9= Outstanding and mostly fun from start to finish with a few shaky areas. Got a solid cast. 10 = Absolutely Incredible. Great story and a memorable cast. Second to none in terms of entertainment value. 11 = One Piece. Peak quality on the same level as the absolute gem itself or has some elements or qualities like it 550https://i.ur.com/MsGuBsV.png 550https://i.ur.com/nfYQ2Lj.png 90https://i.ur.com/xnWGV0i.png Nino Nakano: Waifu Cards275https://i.ur.com/s4rechh.jpg 300https://media.giphy.com/media/W2KD5h3MoP1EDhGAi9/giphy.gif 550https://i.ur.com/nfYQ2Lj.png 70https://i.ur.com/oijvyfZ.png 40https://i.ur.com/TowDVzm.png 550https://i.ur.com/nfYQ2Lj.png https://i.ur.com/PDyhdLT.gif 550https://i.ur.com/b6JvGKb.jpg

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