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Been watching anime here and there for a long time, but I've only recently started getting more into it. Feel free to ask me anything. By the way I don't auto follow-back, this is what I do.

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Genres: Action • Adventure • Fantasy • Psychological • Sci-Fi
Tags: Cyberpunk • Military • Politics • Primarily Adult Cast • Seinen • Ships • Space • Yuri
Series: —monogatari • Claymore Studios: SHAFT

Treat those tags as a guide only. I tend to like things that are a bit weird, that are unexpected or really make me think. I'm also a sucker for anything that really hits me in the feels.
I'm trying to learn Japanese with some assistance from anime at the moment, let's see how that goes...


My scores are based totally on my enjoyment factor and do not represent how objectively good I think that anime is. I frequently revise my scores, so they often reflect what I think now instead of what I thought at the time. Anything that I haven't watched in the last 6 weeks automatically gets moved to my dropped list.
Don't take my manga scores seriously, I'm a noob when it comes to the manga world.


10 • Outstanding I found it highly captivating the entire way through.
9 • Excellent Almost everything about it was enjoyable.
8 • Great Really liked it, but still some things that I didn’t find that enjoyable.
7 • Good I liked it. No major problems, but nothing exceptionally well done either.
6 • Decent Overall a worthwhile watch, but there were substantial things that I didn’t like about it.
5 • Mediocre Slightly more that I didn’t like than I liked or it didn’t hold my attention causing me to drop it.
4 • Poor Some interesting parts, but mostly it’s bad.
3 • Bad I barely remember anything about it so it must have been bad.
2 • Terrible No redeemable qualities.
1 • Abysmal Made me feel sick or disgusted watching it.

10 • Arete Excelled in writing and/or presentation.
8 • Meritorious Really worthwhile.
6 • Reputable It was good enough.
4 • Inadequate Not worth the time investment.
2 • Noxious I hated it.

OBJECTIVE SCORES (shown in notes)
A normal distribution of scores that offers my opinion on how good the anime was when trying to take an objective view.
S • Superb The top ~5%, the best of the best.
A • Great
B • Good
C • Satisfactory A third of all anime belong here.
D • Bad
E • Awful
F • Appalling The bottom ~5%, something went badly wrong with these.

IMPORTANCE SCORES (shown in notes)
How big an impact a anime has had. How influential it has been or is likely to be and how big a mindshare it has in the community.
★★★★ • keystone The 1 to 3 anime that have had the biggest impact of that year.
★★★☆ • major
★★☆☆ • moderate
★☆☆☆ • minor
☆☆☆☆ • forgettable Approximately half of all anime fall into this group. Likely to become footnotes in history after only a year. Keep in mind that there is a lot of crap anime that you and I don't know about or have forgotten, that's why this group is so large but wont show up that much in my list.

0 Imminently (limit: 1 per type)
1 Proximately (limit: 10)
2 Eventually (limit: 20)
3 Probably (limit: 40)

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3-gatsu no Lion
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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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Koukaku Kidoutai
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Omoide Emanon
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