My name is Liam and I'm a huge fan of Japanese animation (Anime). I'm currently working as an IT Technician at a local school. As an individual, rather nervous and tend to prefer to spend time by myself and with my hobbies. I'm a massive fan of computer hardware and networking although when given free time will switch my attention to watching some new episodes of shows that have taken my interest.

I found Anime roughly two whole years ago when a friend of mine suggested I watch a show called "One Piece". I opened up Google and read the synopsis and wasn't all too excited. However, a few scrolls down the page I saw Clannad and a brief description alongside raving reviews and decided I'd give that a shot instead. Now, the present and I've watched over 300 shows and spent a total of three months of my life having an amazing amount of fun.

Feel free to check out my list, although I will warn that my scores for romance anime are incredibly biased as it's my favorite genre and especially if the show concludes with a pairing, not that it's all too frequent though, damn indecisive protagonists and open endings.

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