VISIT MY OSU PROFILE alt text Logo Title Text 1 You can find my music related profile here: Make sure you add me only if youre interested to talk to me Age:20 Birthday: 2nd April 2001 Hi Im LeSshuhn also known as Luca As you probably see I love anime video gamesvn too and films but I especially love listening to music. not only anime op/ed/ost if youre interested in my musical taste please check out my rym profile above btw As regards life I dont know what Ill do in the future but probably it will have something to do with the music field SOME THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ME and ABOUT MY ANILIST: I made some anime reviews back in the day feel free to read Im just trying to improve and maybe someday Ill make better ones..I want to know more for sure about animation and writing. I understood a long time ago that speaking without knowledge is the worst thing to do Ive done in the past and I regret it honestly I dont even know if I completely agree with my reviews today but hey Ill keep them... I think that anyone should never try to critisize something especially if your whole argument is based on opinion influenced by emotions and boredom which are not only the most subjective factors out there but they change over time CURRENTLY Im: Clearing my watchlist

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