Female - 26 - Austria / Vienna - Anime & Manga - books, literature, movies, animation - ISFJ-Personality - Studying psychology, former neurobiology, working part time - ♥ LGBT (& characters & lesbian & gay ships & stories) - ♥ writing, biology, psychology, fall, winter, fashion, anime conventions, cosplay - 90s kid, who grew up with Ghibli, Pokemon and Digimon - Just another fangirl, very attached and hyped about some stuff and little bit / much of a shipper ♥ - Will collect music here and might link to a blog (written in German) - You could find LGBT anime & manga recommendations at the end of my profile! - Fanarts don't belong to me!

My Reviews!

Sometimes I love to write reviews, analysis etc. and I'm used to write my reviews in German. Also, I'm not doing too well in foreign languages, so please don't be too harsh on my reviews here. I'm trying my best!

Don't be surprised that you will only find positive reviews for my favorite series... or stuff I liked very much at least. I'm too lazy to put time, thoughts, love and hundreds or circa one to three thousand(s) of words into reviews of stuff I didn't like (too much), to be honest. Often, I don't even complete anime or manga I don't like at all. When I'm writing reviews, then I'll put my heart into the series and my text haha!

Also, I'll count the words of my reviews with help of a website. So you know, if you have the time right now to read it.

D.Gray-man - Anime , 100/100, ca. 2.700 words, written: 17.07.2019
Uta Kata - Anime , 85/100, ca. 770 words, written: 18.07.2019)
Shigofumi - Anime , 82/100, ca. 850 words, written: 24.07.2019
My Roommate is a Cat - Anime , 80/100, ca. 760 words, written: 25.07.2019
My Roommate is a Cat - Manga, 80/100, ca. 950 words, written: 27.07.2019
Bluish - Manga, 76/100. ca. 700 words, written 27.07.2019
Now and Then, Here and There - Anime , 74/100, ca. 2.070 words, written: 23.07.2019

Anime & Manga

My first anime (I recognized as such)

I think Pokemon or Digimon?

My first cinema movie ever was the first Pokemon movie and I absolutely loved it!
The movie I've loved very much and is still my No. 1, is Princess Mononoke.
Thankfully, I grew up with all these incredible Ghibli movies ... and thanks for existing, Ghibli! x3

My absolute favorite childhood anime series was Inuyasha and I still like it very much for its setting and a few characters.

How old have you been?

6? My sister is ten years older than me and introduced me. So, I started with the typical kids' anime. Even nowadays, I watch some anime with my family.

What's important to me?

Enjoyment, characters, story, setting, atmosphere, but the visuals are also very important to me: art style and colors & I absolutely love background art and bautiful details as well! x3 Anime and manga are a visual medium, so the art is important to me and I appreciate them.
Voice actors and music (OPs, EDs, OSTs) are important too.


My favorites are scored with 9 - 10 by default, because the enjoyment is up to 9.5 - 10 & I love the characters, visuals, setting and story and maybe music. Even if I know about the flaws / even if some story and world building elements might bother me.

Why are so many anime on the drop list?

It's also my not interested-list. It's good to know, for some games like Secret Santa and recs, I guess.

Also, I try some anime and then drop them quickly.

Favorites ♥

More favorites are in the favorite tab.

I like a lot, some anime, manga, characters and ships mean a lot to me!

I also put Avatar in them, ... just because.

There are less manga than anime, because I would repeat many titles. I made the manga mosaic manly to add Pandora Hearts, Vanitas no Carte and Tegamibachi.

Also, I'm much more attached to these manga than their anime adaptations (although most are good).


Noragami - D.Gray-man - Owari no Seraph

Pandora Hearts - Vanitas no Carte - Kimetsu no Yaiba

Fullmetal Alchemist - Tegamibachi - Magi


D.Gray-man - Noragami - Owari no Seraph - Kimetsu no Yaiba - Inuyasha

Magi - Fullmetal Alchemist - Made in Abyss - Madoka Magica - The Promised Neverland

Attack on Titan - Mo Dao Zu Shi - Shinsekai Yori - Natsume Yuujinchou - Neon Genesis Evangelion

No. 6 - Banana Fish - 12 Kingdoms - The Guardian of the Spirit - Dororo

The Ancient Magus Bride - Wolf's Rain - Spice and Wolf - Bloom Into You - Paradise Kiss

Favorite Characters

My Darlings!

Allen (D.Gray-man) - Mika (Owari no Seraph) - Yato (Noragami) - Zuko (Avatar)




Mika x Yuu (Owari no Seraph)

Other Great Pairings

Yato x Hiyori (Noragami) - Korra x Asami (Avatar - Legend of Korra) - Homura x Madoka (Madoka Magica) - Nezumi x Shion (No. 6) - Allen x Lenalee (D.Gray-man)

Kanda x Alma (D.Gray-man) - Ash x Eiji (Banana Fish) - Roy x Riza (Fullmetal Alchemist) - Lawrence x Horo (Spice and Wolf) - Inuyasha x Kikyo (Inuyasha)

Guren x Mahiru (Owari no Seraph) - Ymir x Historia (Attack on Titan) - Touko x Yuu (Bloom Into You) - Sanae x Hanabi (Scum's Wish) - George x Yukari (Paradise Kiss)

Kyouko x Sayaka (Madoka Magica) - Fumi x Akira (Sweet Blue Flowers) - Soichiro x Yukino (His and Her Circumstances) - Viktor x Yuri (Yuri on Ice) - Shun x Mio (Harukaze no Etranger)

Likes ♥

Genres / Demographics

Almost all demographics, but especially Shounen & Seinen, although not the biggest fan of (the) Shoujo(style).

And I absolutely love a bunch of Battle & Adventure Shounen as long as they don't rely too much on cheesy tropes and have great characters, plus settings I enjoy.

Dark & Horror Fantasy - often are a hit or miss to me, but in general, in most cases: less gore, splatter and edge are better.

Dystopia & Utopia - love the "what if"-ideas and also darker settings, or settings with a perfect facade, but a dark secret behind it. Also exploring different sides of humanity, what humans are capable of and what makes us human.


Steampunk - there isn't enough of it out there.

Sometimes SciFi & Cyberpunk, but not the space stuff.

Supernatural & Urban & High Fantasy - both types of settings, medieval, modern or something else - depends on the setting and character depths, if I like it. Although I don't like too many typical High Fantasy tropes.
My favorite creatures are demons, yokais, vampires, witches and dragons.

Drama & Psychological - again, a hit or miss. Most times drama are a hit, tho.

I absolutely love Coming of Age -stories! As much as stories about families, friendship and platonic love. Also, messages about healthy egoism, self-love etc. are lit.

Romance (Hetero, Girls Love, Boys Love: LGBT (Love)Stories & Characters) - like the sweet & more innocent romances as well (sometimes, most are boring and saccharine as hell), but I prefer more realistic & darker romances. Romances are often a hit or miss, too.

Character Types

I like a bunch of different personality types, but mostly these with different sides to them, and the flawed and troubled ones with the sad drama and fucked up backgrounds, I guess.
Also many of those characters with the hard shell and soft(er) core.

I also appreciate characters, who are very protective, loyal and would do everything for their loved ones & others.

I think, people are strongly defined by their relationshisps to others. So, I really like those characters, who just care a lot.

Extra kuddos, if they have a soft spot for children and / or animals and have some good humor too.

Oh, and I absolutely love good / normal people, who fucked up in all possible ways (and are fucked up too in non-edgy ways, I dunno.)

I think, it's way more interesting to write normal peopele instead of psychopaths, boring edgy characters or so on, and write about their wishes, personality and morals.

In general, I love stories and character arcs that revolves around personal development, coming of age and everything metaphorical in relation to it.

But, they don't need a "positive" development everytime either.

I like those characters with very human flaws, who are more “honest” and just etc… imo, the most. Honest in this case means that the author isn’t afraid to give them strong flaws, wishes, a complex psyche and mind etc.

Morally grey characters are absolutely my thing, as long as they aren’t this kind of bland edgelords/queen, and have some kind of interesting reasonings.

Although I like very likeable characters too, who still appear as very human, but are just… well, loveable.

Some of these I like as a person as much as a character, but I don’t have to like them as a person as well. Although they actually ARE loved by me. xD

I also really do appreciate characters with their own mindset, who question the people and events around them, and especially those, who are able to admit that they had done and had been wrong and can reflect themselves.

Yes, also the character design and appearance are also important, tbh. ;) Yes well, I like beautiful designs, often neither TOO “anime-like” (basically not card game-anime-like etc.) neither too boring.

... Also, I love animal sidekicks!



Ecchi, Yaoi, Yuri (not always ;D), Harem, some Magical Girls, many Moe-styles and Shoujo-styles, but still, I like some anime from these genres. The same for CGDCT. Most are saccharine and boring.

Also I don't like "pretentious" and "try too hard to be artistic"-ways to tell a story. Tho, I don't dislike the series per se, but if I feel like something tries too hard to be artistic and deep / meaningful, it could drop my enjoyment-rate in some cases.

Plus, there is a thin line between dark stories & aesthetics & horror and edginess. Edges were Elfenlied, Gantz etc... if this is the case, I really start to dislike these anime.

In general, drama, horror, comedy and romance are a hit or miss to me.

For characters, I don't like these, who are over the top, who are one-sided and the really cold-hearted ones, psycho- and sociopaths and sadists are not my cup of tea. Sometimes I like them as villains, tho.

The majority of anime and manga without pretty good female characters are meeeh to me and the enjoyment rate drops rapidly. D= Especially with many of these moe-baiting-girls or these Imouto-baiting-girls. That's no fun, really.

I dislike too much fanservice (with male and female characters), too much fujobaiting and especially unfinished anime, which will never get another sequel. Dear studios, finish what you have begun, please! :(

Character Types

I really came to dislike these “too pure” characters too, as much as heroic characters without a big twist and issues to them.

I don’t like these, who are over the top, who are one-sided. That might be in general my most disliked types: People, who are nothing more than their stereotype.

Also, the really dislike cold-hearted ones, aka psycho- and sociopaths and sadists are not my cup of tea. Especially, if they are the boring edgelords/edgequeens. Sometimes I like sadists etc. as villains, tho.

I dislike the typical self-inserts characters like all those harem guys, girls without a personality and over-super-manly GAR-guys (depends on how these are written, tho).

And I strongly dislike "strong, independent women", these girls, who are praised by the writer for being strong girls and all they do is beating their love interest and male friends up. That's not strong, that's tyranny (not speaking of comedy scenes).

LGBT Recommendations

LGBT Themes and SOL Romances

Shimanami Tasogare / Our Dreams at Dusk (themes, gay, lesbian, trans, homo/transphobia, coming of age) - Harukaze no Etranger (gay romance, themes) - Bloom Into You (lesbian romance, themes, coming of age) - Sweet Blue Flowers (lesbian romance, themes, coming of age) - Whispered Words (lesbian romance, themes, coming of age)

Blue Flag (hetero, gay, lesbian romance, coming of age) Smeels Like Green Spirit (gay, coming of age, themes) - Wandering Son (trans, coming of age) - Bokura no hentai (trans, coming of age) - The Bride was a Boy (trans)

The Woman You Are and Me (trans) - A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow (lesbian romance) - I Hear the Sunspot (gay romance, disability) - My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness (lesbian biography) - Under the Snow (same author from Harukaze no Etranger, gay romance)


Other anime with settings with LGBT themes, hinted / clearly gay coded characters, couples / shippings etc... I really liked.

Shinsekai Yori (bi main characters due setting, poly (due setting)) - Neon Genesis Evangelion (bi(?) main & gay side character) - No. 6 (gay & bi(?) main characters) - Owari no Seraph (surely gay & bi(?) main character)

D.Gray-man Hallow (bi(?) main character) - Madoka Magica (lesbian main characters) - Attack on Titan S2+ (lesbian & bi(?) main / side characters) - Mo Dao Zu Shi (bi(?) main character)

Banana Fish (bi & gay(?) main characters) - Nabari no Ou (don't want to spoiler tho xD) - Scum's Wish (bi main & lesbian side character) - Yuri on Ice (gay main characters)

Also, since it's not an anime, I still want to rec Legend of Korra. =)

LGBT Characters

My favorite characters from other series, who are clearly LGBT or I strongly assume them to be on basis of the content.

I put the characters in a spoiler tag, because I want to avoid spoiler. Especially for D.Gray-man, Attack on Titan and Nabari no Ou.

Mika (Owari no Seraph - gay / asexual (?) (because all vampires there kinda are?)) - Homura (Madoka Magica, lesbian(?)) - Asami (Avatar - Legend of Korra, bi) - Ash (Banana Fish, bi) - Wuxian (Mo Dao Zu Shi, bi(?))

Kanda (D.Gray-man, bi(?)) - Nezumi (No. 6, gay) - Yoite (Nabari no Ou, intersex, gay(?)) - Sanae (Scum's Wish, lesbian) - Maria (Shinsekai Yori, bi)

Korra (Avatar - Legend of Korra, bi) - Historia / Christa (Attack on Titan, bi(?)) - Yuuichirou (Owari no Seraph, bi(?)) - Shinji (Neon Genesis Evangelion, bi) - George (Paradise Kiss, bi ... also in the same series, there is a good trans character)

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