420https://abload.de//large4msk1i.jpg Female 27 Austria / Vienna Anime Manga books literature movies animation ISFJPersonality Studying working part time LGBT characters lesbian gay ships stories writing biology psychology fall winter fashion anime conventions cosplay 90s kid who grew up with Ghibli Pokemon and Digimon Just another fangirl very attached and hyped about some stuff and little bit / much of a shipper Fanarts dont belong to me My Reviews Sometimes I love to write reviews analysis etc. and Im used to write my reviews in German. Also Im not doing too well in foreign languages so please dont be too harsh on my reviews here. Im trying my best Dont be surprised that you will only find positive reviews for my favorite series... or stuff I liked very much at least. Im too lazy to put time thoughts love and hundreds or circa one to three thousands of words into reviews of stuff I didnt like too much to be honest. Often I dont even complete anime or manga I dont like at all. When Im writing reviews then Ill put my heart into the series and my text haha Also Ill count the words of my reviews with help of a website. So you know if you have the time right now to read it. D.Grayman Animehttps://anilist.co/review/4827 100/100 ca. 2.700 words written: 17.07.2019 Uta Kata Animehttps://anilist.co/review/4832 85/100 ca. 770 words written: 18.07.2019 Shigofumi Animehttps://anilist.co/review/4866 82/100 ca. 850 words written: 24.07.2019 My Roommate is a Cat Animehttps://anilist.co/review/4867 80/100 ca. 760 words written: 25.07.2019 My Roommate is a Cat Mangahttps://anilist.co/review/4893 80/100 ca. 950 words written: 27.07.2019 Bluish Mangahttps://anilist.co/review/4895 76/100. ca. 700 words written 27.07.2019 Now and Then Here and There Animehttps://anilist.co/review/4859 74/100 ca. 2.070 words written: 23.07.2019 400https://abload.de//flourish41034640p1k3c.png 240https://abload.de//sugarmewbyseviyummmdi9q.png Various Stuff My first anime I recognized as such I think Pokemon or Digimon? My first cinema movie ever was the first Pokemon movie and I absolutely loved it The movie Ive loved very much and is still my No. 1 is Princess Mononoke. Thankfully I grew up with all these incredible Ghibli movies ... and thanks for existing Ghibli x3 My absolute favorite childhood anime series was Inuyasha and I still like it very much for its setting and a few characters. How old have I been? 6? My sister is ten years older than me and introduced me. So I started with the typical kids anime. Even nowadays I watch some anime with my family. Whats important to me? Enjoyment characters story setting atmosphere but the visuals are also very important to me: art style and colors I absolutely love background art and bautiful details as well x3 Anime and manga are a visual medium so the art is important to me and I appreciate them. Voice actors and music OPs EDs OSTs are important too. Ratings My favorites are scored with 10 by default because the enjoyment is up to 9.5 10 I love the characters visuals setting and story and maybe music. Even if I know about the flaws / even if some story and world building elements might bother me Anyway I dont take them too seriously. So you shouldnt either. 400https://abload.de//flourish41034640p1k3c.png 270https://i.ur.com/78rpDvV.png My Favorites Mostly you could say the first rows in my favorite section are kinda ordered and the others are... kinda not ordered. My main fandoms are Noragami D.Grayman Inuyasha Mo Dao Zu Shi and Owari no Seraph. Also I really love Made in Abyss Madoka Magica Natsume Yuujinchou Pandora Hearts Vanitas no Carte Tegamibachi No. 6 Magi Fullmetal Alchemist and a few others as well. I also love anime movies. My favorites are Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away but I really like a lot more and have seen a bunch of them. Genres Demographics 1. Dark Fantasy: Always loved it love some of the dark aesthetics and styles. Horror tho is often a huge hit or missgenre for me. Rule of thumb: If it is appears to me like a fanfic that it has been written by a 15 yo edgy teenager then its a miss. 1. High Fantasy: Fantasy in medieval age but not always in the European version. I prefer Asian medieval worlds although I love all of the settings if they are done right. If you could mix it with Dark Fantasy and make it great yeah 1. Mythology: All kind of. I love various mythology stuff so much 1. Battle Shounen: Many of them are much better more meaningful than you might think. Often great characters worlds themes they are much fun and so enjoyable while rarely touching pretentiousground. Still I often like these kind of Battle Shounen the most that got a larger female fanbase because they appeal more to me than others like Naruto etc. 2. Fantasy Iyashikei: I love the mix with fantasy and the episodic episodes with the calming atmosphere and moving stories. But I also like iyashikei without a fantasy setting. 2. Slice of Life: I like slice of life in general. It depends on the story of course but I really learned to appreciate it. 2. Romance: Panromantic demi/homosexual woman here. Swimming way more to the females shore but still: Throw all the good romances couples at me. I especially love romantic subplots straight homo ... mix it with fantasy and great characters then I will love the couple. 2. Drama: Give me my daily drama and something to cry about. That makes me happy. 3. Coming of Age: There are beautiful and moving stories with this theme and it often appeals to me on a deeper level. 3. Steampunkesque: Love the aesthetics I dont know why. I also love the themes. 3. Urban Fantasy: Could be very good sometimes and I like the premise of a hidden world in a modern society. 3. Shoujo: Back then I didnt like it that much but I found some great stories in there as well. I thought everything shoujo is just a kitschy school romance I liked a few of those but that isnt true.

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