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I'm a manga enthusiast. I love Emanon, she is the best character. I'm not sorry that Inio Asano and Naoki Urasawa ocupy that many spots on my favs, they are that good.

I love dark stuff, horror and gore and horror inspired stuff was always something that caught my attention from an early age. I also really like checking out bizarre and unorthodox manga as well.
If it's different I'll probably give it a check. With that said, I'm not the kind of person to dismiss a manga just because it's "mainstream", as I'm sure my manga list will show you.

I'm also a music geek with a music collection of over 300 CDs and just recently started collecting vinyl, although I own less than 30 as of right now.
My tastes in music are very similar to manga, I love weird experimental stuff, drone, Industrial, Doom, avantgard stuff, but I also like a lot of mainstream bands as well. Coldplay is one of my favourites for example.

Follows and chats are always welcome! I'll poke you back, promise.

1st Completed Manga: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Link's Logbook
50th Completed Manga: Biomega
100th Completed Manga: 51 Ways to Save My Girlfriend
150th Completed Manga: Naruto
200th Completed Manga: Sakamoto desu ga?
250th Completed Manga: Akira

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