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24 | | German | INTJ | 8th Nov

About me

I'm probably your typical programmer / casual gamer guy
with a large passion for adorable anime, music,
Japanese culture, all kinds of techy things, aaand hiking :p

I'm studying Visual Computing and Design
and working as a full time web developer :)

Learning Japanese

I'm also studying Japanese in my spare time now,
it's a commitment but surely a rewarding and fun one already!

I'm learning with NativShark,
it's honestly the most comprehensive and amazing learning site I've ever seen.

Kanji Progress: 2200/2200
1K Vocabulary Progress: 562/1000

Favourite anime

That largely depends on genre of course,
I don't like to compare what isn't really comparable imo xD
Here's a list of my top choices though:

My ratings

I rate anime from 1-10,
although you'll rarely find me giving scores less than 5,
simply because I don't finish those shows.

My scores are purely subjective
and mainly show the amount of appreciation I had
and the impact they had on me.

- 10 -
Something truely special to me.
A masterpiece of its genre, that
can't be easily beat

- 8-9 -
Great shows that I dearly love
and had lots of fun watching!

- 6-7 -
Okay/Good shows I liked and had fun with,
but mostly the standard kind of shows in their genre.

- 4-5 -
Can be fun. Don't have to. I wouldn't rewatch them.
There's usually a reason I didn't
drop them though :hmm:

Thanks again for dropping by!
Hope you have a nice day :)

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