My Rating System: 1/10 Terrible: Genuinely trash absolutely painful no redeeming qualities waste of my time. 2/10 Awful: Still very trash and a waste of time but theres at least one redeeming quality that saved it from getting that 1/10. 3/10 Bad: Its simply a bad series. Not the worst just bad. Its not as frustrating or painful as a 12/10 rating and there are a few qualities I enjoyed here and there but for the most part it was poorly executed. 4/10 Mediocre: Below average but it has its moments where its at least bearable to sit through. 5/10 Average: Pretty much just average or standard. Doesnt do anything bad but it doesnt stand out to me either. Or maybe I felt some moments were bad but there were some moments that were good therefore balancing it out. Its where I basically wont think about it again once Im done with it. 6/10 Decent: Its acceptable A 6/10 is NOT a bad rating. There may be a couple of notable flaws or it was lacking a few elements but I think its enjoyable and it was able to hold up on its own. 7/10 Good: This is what you call a good series. These are series that get the job done at being entertaining. It is able to stay consistently good quality wise but it does have potential to do better or has flaws that hold it back. 8/10 Great: It has the same elements as a 7/10 rating but has more outstanding characteristics and a narrative I can understand and respect as well as being enjoyable enough to keep on coming back. 9/10 Amazing: These are series that are way more enjoyable and/or have more outstanding characteristics that really stand out over a 8 rating. These range from having a fantastic art style compelling story narrative lovable and memorable characters and/or high entertainment value. Its one you can talk about for hours and hours upon end. 10/10 Masterpiece: I conserve this rating for the series that excel in ALL characteristics but more importantly it needs to execute its ending really well to deserve it because thats the most important factor when it comes to a series. This is also to help differentiate the series I love vs the series I absolutely adore. My rating system is mostly subjective so dont take it TOO SERIOUSLY. It MAY NOT ALWAYS reflect that series or my enjoyment with that series as a whole so dont take it too hard if your 10/10 series is not personally a 10/10 for me. What really matters is coming to an agreement if we enjoyed or did not enjoy that specific series the only difference is how one person rates one series higher/lower than the other. Also I do change ratings from time to time depending on how I feel especially for ongoing releases which have the potential to do really well or really bad heh.

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