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I’m often asked: “Pere, what the hell?” Allow me to explain. You see, the rumours that I invented birds and named one of them after myself are unfounded. My pseudonym was, in fact, adopted from the bird, rather than the other way around. This is a rumour that has been following me for a while and gotten me banned from Christian radio stations before, so I appreciate being given the chance to clear it up.

When I am not being accused of heresy, I watch anime. I maintain an open mind and enjoy a broad range of genres, but my favourite shows to watch are about romance, sci-fi and playing games. Aside from watching anime, I also enjoy video games, film in general, books and philosophy. More unusually, I am also an aspiring chef, and having watched all of Gordon Ramsay’s videos we can basically say I’m a master chef at this point.

There are things I dislike as well. Surprises are always bad. Mushrooms, particularly, are my enemy. Growing up in the country, my house was surrounded by one of the most poisonous mushrooms on the planet: the destroying angel. They look very similar to portobello mushrooms, and when I moved to the city, I was shocked to learn that people carefreely ate portobello mushrooms. I, however, will never trust a mushroom.

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