Yō. Name's Roger. But you can call me Pullet, Rû, Cheles... whatevs. I love nicknames. But don't forget the "-sama" eh!? ^_-. I enjoy anime, music and (want to) enjoy life. I have headstrong opinions and amazing taste ;]. Everything anime and manga related about my persona is on this site.

Human (unverified) | 29 December, 1992 | Taller than most MC | Body build? I wish

ISTJ-T | Slowpoke | Tsundere | Lawful (only when it suits me, obv)

Ratings with 73.6% objectivity | I crack jokes, sometimes

Nonono I don't add anime movies to my faves 'cause fairness. Btw Jin-Roh is not a movie, it's A Way Of Life.


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A.k.a 'Can't dodge or lift to save his own life' or 'As charismatic as a platypus'.

Gender: I identify as an AH-64E Apache Guardian. Don't judge. W-Wut? My real gender, you ask? Well, it's the internet, the answer is:

Jk I'm a guy, how unexpected, amiright!? :p

⚔️ My Battle Cry ⚔️

Cheles Pulletlamer#3509

My Zodiac Sign is the ♑ G.O.A.T. I'm a Capricorn, but I can be as stubborn as a Taurus. Also, I don't know who makes these websites, but the description always fits me like a glove. It's like they actually know the real me. Unsettling.

Blood type? No, it's not to my taste. I'm not one of the nocturnal, blood-sucking 'type', HOW DARE U!?. Mmm.. for other blood-related questions, consult my doctor! Seriously, what the hell do I know? Amiright!? Ofc I am ^_-

Pets: Yes. Return policy is max 24 hours. Cat, dog, wolf, tiger... I just don't accept cold-blooded animals. They show apathy when I turn on the AC.

You might know me for my amazing drawing skills, or my Most Famous Quotes.

Time travelling doesn't make sense because it doesn't exist!!
-me, an intellectual

If you're nominated for something you've got two choices:
1) You do it. 2) YOU DO IT.

You're gay!? HA! Gaaaaaaaay! Gay gay gay gay gay gay! Gay! (mature reaction)

My love for you is worth one, big, fat Internet Cookie. Literally.

Reserved, you say!? Ha!? I'm as open as a closet!



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–Interests & Hobbies–

- Giving anime recommendations is my top hobby. Please ask. Or not.
B-Baka! It's not like I care!

- My taste in music digievolves constantly. I tend to cherry pick songs and not stamp a like/dislike tag on genres as a whole. I enjoy anything that makes me feel motivated or just happy - duh, amiright? Ehrrm I usually avoid sad melodies or repetitive beats.
My favorite song of all time.

- I enjoy hiking and trekking. I love the satisfaction of reaching the top and admiring the spectacular view. Yeah it's the truth.
Geez! Don't expect a snarky remark at every instance, onii-chan (nee-chan), yō.

- Me gusta la playa, too. It's ok this time ^.^

- My favorite part about cooking is getting to eat it afterwards! Yum Yum~~
So yeah I love cooking. However! Shikashi! Sin embargo! Me cooks = me eats, or GTFO don't call me, baby ;)

- Computers. I like computers. Wouldn't have graduated in Computer Science if I didn't like them. The availability of computers... Yawn. Boooring. PC's are cool. Me Cool, too. Me like PC's.

C:\tmp> cd games
C:\tmp\games>run awesome_trailer.mp4
- I do play games, thx for asking. Nowadays When I have time I play singleplayer, any genre, but mostly indie games. I'm a bit of a compeltionist. Started gaming back when it was not as widespread and mostly shunned. Played quite some competitive & hardcore games - Quitted long ago.

PLZ GP? <-- A cookie if you get this reference.

- I pass the time reading on the metro/bus. Novels while comfy at home.

- Wrehehehe, uzed to paint Da Orkz! WAAAAAAGH!!! Red unez go faztaah! Yeezss! Yeezss! Twas fun 'til I took an arrow t da knee. Brrrrrggr! Zzztill hurtZ! Butz forreal I liek pianting but I haz no moniey tho
;( zad Ork iz zad ;(

- I (do not) like memes & puns. I'm a bit of a (bad) jokester. Shhhh, don't tell anyone.

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I'm not as egocentric as to make my bio all about me, amiright? Ofc I am ^_-. Heh the irony is unreal.
Here's some cool people. Can't list everyone tho, deal with it. And yes, if you're here u only get one sentence in plain text, u ingrate!!

ʘ.ʘ I've run out of space. I thank No One for this list. If you're not in it, well, we can work it out get gud scuba duba. Yes, im mean :p

Summary 1.0: I Am (Not) a Nerd.

Thx for reading this incredibly long bio!

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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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Slam Dunk
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Shingeki no Kyojin
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Samurai Champloo
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One Punch Man
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Mob Psycho 100
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken
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Log Horizon
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Terra Formars
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Hagane no Renkinjutsushi
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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
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Death Note
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Manga · Releasing
Slam Dunk
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Vinland Saga
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One Punch-Man
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Shingeki no Kyojin
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Manga · Finished
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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
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Goblin Slayer
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Terra Formars
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Tokyo Ghoul
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