21 yrs old schizoid dude from Canada... Im just tired. Looking for the one but eh. I recommend Tally Ho and Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale for witty comedy a la Wodehouse. My discord: Regal Rascal6271 if it doesnt work PM me Current jams: https://www..com/watch?v=7IUi0htUnuE Darling MARETU https://www..com/watch?v=zknrG9Zf6kg Autophagy by Kirai Hiiragi Chogakusei cover https://www..com/watch?v=RUIelJYMO4U AKUO the King of Evil + HAPPPY SONG SOOOO https://www..com/watch?v=RmHGSLOv0vk 450https://www.thevintagenews.com/wpcontent/uploads/2015/11/giphy1.gif Currently playing: Textbased choice game and Dragon Age games MBTI and subtype: INTP TiNeSiFe 9w1 5w4 4w5 sp/so Constructed persona: ESTP SeTiFeNi The real mbti is NOT about the letters its about the cognitive functions though ABOUT ME SCORING AND TASTES: 300https://pa1.narvii.com/6699/bb9b2a61c9a1c3bed7b09a3e7474cab6377b417b00.gif Tldr about me: :I like:: older mangas/older looking manga styles and older humor 2000s and older seems to hit the spot the best romance BL mangas with substance tasteful/interesting/atypical artstyles that took time talent and are unique or simply semirealistic/realistic ones. I also like american comics or webcomics that arent obvious japanese artstyles and look more normal as in not mangalike or extra mega buff superheroes from murica kinds I like the 1920s fashion props and cinema mostly 1800s fashion regency Victorian Edwardian steampunk psychology politics philosophy rhyming/rhythmic poetry dance latin and classical mainly aka 10 dance competitions and cinema. I also prefer games with pixel art that looks older in style realistic relationship based games as in romance or friendship dragon age style and choice based games with at least some impacts if only relationship based ones. Or rpg with fun combat and good character customization. Also old Disney movies unique/interesting balljointed dolls and old timey porcelain dolls. Oh and Im a HUGE dragon age nerd. I like romance slice of life seinen psychological horror sports flawed characters realistic trauma stuff bittersweet or ambiguous endings. Also realistic dialogue and situations as well as SUBTLE cuteness or satire. Anything morally grey that is not black and white or that is surreal hazy and dreamlike will definitely peak my interest. And subtext gore art or just artsy gore like in Hannibal my all time favourite serie... or just subtle metaphors. As for studios I like MadHouse and I.G. stuff in general. maybe just older stuff of theirs dunno anymore Guilty pleasure: Ero Guro and torture porn 400https://i.pin.com/originals/8e/fb/b6/8efbb6636dc43a04c40924ebb157e10d.gif :I hate/dislike:: fakebois google it fujoshis most BL femalelooking face voice proportions and personality male characters weebs stupid clichs bad/pandering lgbt rep. soulless sterile copypaste boring looking anime styles bland barely animated animation/mouths in animation token lolis and token shotas that are archetypal and useless moe fanservice in general aka cute girls doing cute things in a forced and archetypal manner and widely different artstyles and proportions for males and females in the same manga or anime. I most definitly hate pedo bait animes. And stuff like teacherstudent relationship with a minor or barely of age character and an older guy/girl or any other kind of this power play relationship with age gaps with minors. cough cuz brain science facts cough That and sexual harassment and grooming played as humor in animes or horny teens talking about boobs or sex all the time thats a fun killer for me if its not sparse and tasteful. I also dont like sensitive people that dont own up to it overly PC people and echo chamber people that cant take critiques of their beloved manga/anime or on any other topics. And hypocrites. As for studios I widely dislike KyoAnime in general and most of the industry as well as most animes in general. Anitiguilty pleasure: most female character voices/looks and cutesy artstyles that arent HIGHLY stylized. I welcome anyone wanting to tell me why the shows I scored higher sucked and why they sucked more than I think. As long as it is done in a SUSTAINED manner. But yeah send your complains arguments or university proposes or somethin on my wall no offense taken. And is totally appreciated Thank you : P. S.: RUN FROM MY PROFILE IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. 400https://media1.tenor.com/images/a6238ffca2bdb27d640fc821dcc99aea/tenor.gif?itemid=10846971 A bit about me: Im aloof sardonic often sarcastic and can be an ass when I feel at ease with someone but Im self aware and am not rude on purpose unless you provoke me continuously. Or youre unselfaware and take everything personally. Deal badly with those types. Also when dead tired but that oned be my bad Im usually just quiet easygoing and truely try to understand other peoples viewpoints. Every subjects isnt off limits though some conclusions one might have to those subjects could disappoint/disgust me.. Still one or two of those. But you let me be me I let you be you and we should be good. I mostly gave up faking myself apart from work I want money since Im not fond of hypocrites and would want people to be true with me as I attempt to be with others. Not fond of wasting peoples time or them mine life is short so why not just be ourselves. As long as it doesnt harm others obviously. Ive also a big obession with realistic fictional people. My most treasured ones would be Haze Vermillion Tally Ho Solas Dragon Age and Marcus Red Embrace: Hollywood. A shit ton of others though but that makes for a boring bio. 400https://64.media.tumblr.com/79d82fc87fe9489e7b9f6a640a21598f/tumblrnvbh70lIFu1qgz7buo1250.gif Scoring system: 100 is between pretty good and flawless. Near impossible since most stuff if not everything as some sort of flaws 90 is pretty great. Barely any problems minor technical issues etc 80 is great/good. Mostly good might have little things here and there 70 is good/ok. Nothing bad but not quite there either My average 60 is ok/average. Basically wasted potential. Might have clumsy flow or animation or soundetc that could have been better 50 is average/bland. Also possibly wasted potential. Too by the books a copypaste formula of the genre archetypal bland characters etc 40 is bland/boring. So bland and nothing that its most likely not worth your time. Wasted potential x3 30 is boring/garbage. Its still bland and boring but worse... 3 and less might be ironically enjoyable 20 is garbage/failure. Garbage with good animation/art and such so pretty sad some work went into it. 10 is a complete failure. Everything is lacking story art animation dialogue... fuck you basically. P.S.: I might like some of the shit I rate 5 and down. But I recognize it is well not that good. I can also not like 6 and up rarely wont like 8 and up though Favourite nonanime movies and shows: Stay 2004 Enemy Hannibal series Pacific Rim Blade Runner 2049 Snowpiercer The Cure for Wellness Demolition and others. 400https://66.media.tumblr.com/1df9e8bd474f36a157e2b8fda24e28f7/2c32b4b283d924a45d/s540x810/fd0b34c112ede70c5a553c846099248bc2522b25.gifv How I score things: I usually score movies and such with two numbers enjoyment and general actual quality. Here is a bit more subjective though trying to mix both scores... That being said I try to put fair and balanced lower scores. And an emphasis of the GENERAL ACTUAL QUALITY not my enjoyment. I also FREQUENTLY downgrade my scores or upgrade that can happen since the newness factor sometimes makes me score them too high or the artstyle does. I repress my biases with some techniques I came up with so I always try to be fair with my ratings... Sometimes I look up the scoring of the ones I follow to see how off I am in my rating though it doesnt influence my final score if I dont ask for reasoning behind their scoring. I aim for a balanced approach when it comes to my scoring system as most people seem to either score too high since they got something out of the media that was a fun but bland or clich or plain or the surface level message isnt as realistic as depicted or its just you being too subjective through your preference criterias etc etc. which is fine btw but not useful if you are writing a review or put a rating for a quality purpose or just say something that just means I like it because I liked it Sound animation dialogue story and story flow etc are also all mishmashed into a single score. So it doesnt always mean the show is crap but that the camera work might suck ass while the story is really good or the story sucks but the animation is stellar etc etc. Also should be compared to source material so Ill read the source when I like the show enough. That and airing time. Some things are also more present than others so really good animation will get more points than like perfect lipsyncing or minor bad sounds or somthing. But minor things might also get more points than major things too like subtext things being done right/clever imagery that isnt pointed out and actually relevant etc. Its all about comparing them within themselves and to other media in the genre and sub genre they are a part of as well as the overall preachyness/pandering/tone of the show... Can get messy and hard to tell sometimes but its fun. I kinda wish the story animation sound etc criterias in the detailed thing wouldnt bug and change values but oh well. Also the more shows I watch the better I get at ranking them since I use other shows as guideline for quality a bit when rating stuff so I might downgrade what I currently watched in the future. I aint only cunty about shows and stuff but I will point out if something is shit and stupid... mostly. I like to debate and critique lots so feel free to PM me for that. Or if you just like to whine about shows and dont want to do so cuz people get defensive... 400https://images.grassets.com/hostedimages/1443677582ra/16394548.gif My preferences: Mind you this is an overview. Im NOT black and white about these criterias just generally more INCLINED to like/dislike then depending on their CONTEXT and the WAY ITS BEING SHOWN etc. The writer might have wanted to make their story seem one way and have the heart in the right place but sometimes it falls flat or isnt well shown... and thats okay just not objectively good. Also my feed might be filed with things Ive read before and found the title again. 400https://66.media.tumblr.com/2670d00e55fc387f225622aad3f08a21/bab05be8959b5e3a31/s540x810/8c4f3c6dade45cf62c4fcac9ab934f2cfafdd93e.gifv Things Im into: Slice of life romance shounen ai without it being the focus psychological seinen/josei nonsense humor if well executed or clever satire stuff. But anything has potential Psychological horror drama thriller with dubious stuff like rape or torture etc. ONLY if NOT glorified and shown in a this is gross and you should be uncomfortable or disgusted way Tragic endings done right bittersweetness ambiguous endings and even better if it has love twisted or not as a center subtextlike theme with an actual story Tasteful artthemed gore with meaning to it subtext meaning dont shove it in my face not just gore for gores sake though gore is fine by itself just not interesting as shock value cuz it doesnt shock me much if at all 1920s setting and historical ones. Bonus if there are lots of suits and fancy dresses. Double bonus if British setting Sports mangas and animes that are well animated and technical/fun Clever subtext show not tell Very slowpaced stories or slowpaced but not stalling ones Cosy and sweet but not really cutesy as in uwu soft boys /girls stuff not never anything considered cute. Kinda not blushing at everything all the time and characters being ultra mega shy all the time without it being realistic etc. Tasteful subtle cuteness is really great though Loud obnoxious on the other hand... Characters are the focus of the story mostly and their interactions with one another. Only if done realistically though mxm romance subtext romance included and favored not too in your face though I hate most of the ones out there as most of it is some fujoshis fetish fantasy. Bromance works too Consistent artstyle withing itself hand drawn artstyles as in all NOT digitally drawn all paper pens and paint or colouring pens or somthing like that Semi realistic realistic or unique looking anime styles Not copy paste/ very generic looking artstyles along with higher eyes or midface eye placement in characters compared to most generic anime character styles So bad that its good. It CAN be entertaining Misfits frenemies deliquents sadists and rascal type of character done right. Also realistic tsunderes. That and direct aloof manipulative and crude characters. Even assholes character have potential. Doesnt mean they are great in a person way though Mangakas willing to kill fanfavourite characters as in actual stakes for the characters or no characters being unkillable and all mighty and too powerful cuz hes the main guy cough AoT cough Good and realistic mouth animation like in Akira or Babylon more or less but better than most where there are more than one or two mouth state its a massive turnon... REC ME SOME PLEASE Wellmade art backgrounds etc and smooth animation. Also when the background characters actually move or react and arent immobile 400https://media1.tenor.com/images/bad35ad117cec5261297e3600cedaacb/tenor.gif?itemid=16544140 Things that make my eyes roll/pet peeves Nihilism done wrong... theres a fine line sometimes... Trying to be deep without subtlety. Or edgy without a certain tone to your thing Angst or drama or abuse with no reason for it except look how sad that is. Its not clever its forced Im not gay/like guys but I like you I mean come on the guy has to be bi at least frickin morons Unrealistic everyone ever accept instantly the character after what they did/for who they are whatever they did/are or the side bitch trying to steal your man surprise that you can see coming miles away clichs or self insert from the fujoshi author that one is tolerable but really dumb and other such stupidities. Loud =/= funny Bad lipsyncing if its painfully out of sync I will drop the show or very bland mouth animation that just open and closes not as bad as the other thing but I can still drop a show for that: 400https://66.media.tumblr.com/tumblrm90z5xPtSL1rcchb1o2500.gif Things I cant stand Mary Sue characters just fuck off with that not my thing ever unless satire Useless/whiny/etc protagonists and the power of friendship done wrong Bland caricature characters bland archetypal characters or uninspired copypaste characters in general Characters deep as a puddle unrealistic and inconsistent characters Pointing out your storys cleverness in your story or said characters traits. Ya know exposition... Bad or forced character dialogue/interactions/drama for the heck of it etc Huge difference or inconsistency in artstyle aka The characters face looks suddenly WAY more different to show him/her more sad shy angry startled etc. Unless its a chibi thing. I guess that works Sexualized lolis/shotas useless fanservice in general instalove or instalust sex in the first three pages girlyshortbigeyedultrafeminineandhasfemaleproportionswhencomparedtoothercharacters ukes etc. If I wanted to read shojo Id frickin read shojo Glorified rape and abuse. Glorified pedophilia and glorified child grooming. Those subjects are fine to use as a story in themselves but DO NOT glorify it or make it cute or sexy Super Lovers for example. Child Grooming example two Niichan Harada =Child grooming glorified and abuse Clich overload moe done wrong or over the top unless selfaware or satire legal loli tsunderes etc When characters seems to be only chicks and shotas have huge ass heads so their bodies looks very small/thin. Minuscule shoulders hands big low eyes etc COMPARED to most guy characters of the same show That look like giants with more realistic eyes and proportions etc 400https://pa1.narvii.com/6513/9cdc71576a7617a8cb156bf7dffd22f2e2a8e96ehq.gif BIGGEST TURN OFFs: Clich effeminate shota/trap/short guys propositions eyes personality and their moe/loli equivalent Clich shy softspoken boku shota/bishounen/trap voice that never seems to be on any other characters than a shota/bishounen/trap that look like a chick. Looking at you Lindhart Get away from my fun games Pedo bait animes horny teens/adult characters that wont shut up about boobs Alpha/Beta/Omega things its disgusting and retarded and I want nothing to do with it fuck you whoever started it BTW I dont mind traps or shotas kid shotas that is not adult/teen ones etc but most of them are basically a copypaste in terms of proportions face personality and voice and its annoying... variety please thank you. 400https://i.ur.com/l0CdumE.gif https://i.pin.com/originals/36/79/bd/3679bd5dfe9b7a0ffb22186a26a9d631.jpg images Why I drop/keep going if it sucks: Shitty dialogue unbearable animation/artstyle bland voice acting or every girl characters sounds like 2 year olds/shotas or bishounen that said boku AND sound/look like a chick AKA my likes and dislikes. up there Its average AF or not that good I might still read those manga though just not bothering with animes Bad vibes Whatever that means If I feel it will suck it will rarely not suck. + Im curious to see where this is going AKA they have a nice hook even if its plain + I like a character more specifically I might continue watching/reading. + Its inoffensive fun 400https://i.pin.com/originals/ca/46/79/ca4679529fa5781b01864c6d8dac9ad6.gif x 400https://i.pin.com/originals/7e/59/63/7e59636e575aee3f3a9cb322fda8b381.jpg 400https://goodnerdbadnerd.com/wpcontent/uploads/2019/08/TheCroaking.jpg 400http://blymeyaoi.com/2018/wpcontent/uploads/2018/03/10dance.png x Bonus Dragon Age media top tier list: 500https://i.ur.com/0mwrvO6.png 180https://64.media.tumblr.com/5a9a51c9bcd932d47ddaa85971b5eba2/tumblrnuktv7amem1qbdgqxo3r1250.gif

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