EL PSY KONGROO https://i.ur.com/rPTUTRNd.jpg?maxwidth=640shape=thumbfidelity=medium Recently started writing reviews here. Whilst rating an anime with more than one season my rating for its first season is as a matter of fact my average rating for all its seasons in other words its my rating for the entire series collectively. This is why I havent rated the successive seasons of an anime with more than one season. My ratings are predominately influenced by the personal enjoyment that I obtain from each anime and not me analyzing them objectively. However I dont purely rate on a subjective basis either. For reasons the OVAs Specials that Ive completed are placed in the Paused section. https://wallpapercave.com/wp/wp4091326.jpg How I rate my anime: 10: Absolute masterpieces. I wholeheartedly enjoyed every aspect of these shows and was completely satisfied after finishing them also left with a profound emotional impact that will last permanently. 9: Virtually masterpieces. Amazing wellrounded shows that barely missed being a 10 owing to me only being super nit picky. Basically anime rated 10 and 9 are the ones which are my personal favorites the ones that I consider toptier. 8: Great shows which kept me thoroughly entertained throughout their entire run. Very few minor flaws or dull parts or even petty reasons that prevented them from impacting me like my personal favorites did. 7: Very good shows enjoyable during majority of their parts just not entirely owing to either noticeable flaws or parts that were uninteresting. Regardless their positives outweigh their negatives. Mainly anime rated 7 and 8 are the ones I not only liked a lot but also enjoyed very much. These are the ones I will certainly rewatch along with the 9s and 10s of course. 6: Good. Fairly interesting. They were really enjoyable at certain parts although most of their parts werent or were just flawed. Still they were good enough at keeping me interested during most of their scenes. Wasted potential. Anything rated 6 and above I liked. Every anime rated 5 and below are the ones I either didnt enjoy or disliked for whatever reason either subjectively or objectively. 5: Okayish. These shows had their moments or there was at least one aspect present in them that I actually liked but nothing more than that. 4: Meh. I cannot find any particular reason or fault in these shows but yet they bored me throughout and werent interesting to me in the slightest of ways. 31: Flawed boring trash. Enough said. https://wallpaperaccess.com/full/1950580.jpg MAL https://myanimelist.net/profile/SAFzzzz Anime Amino https://aminoapps.com/c/anime/page/user/safzzzz/qztYfdbXRXeb5PwbKRoBpk6E0qbVo vndbhttps://vndb.org/u178393

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