Anime is becoming more mainstream and thats great. But some people still view it all as the same stuff and that is weird to me because you wouldnt put Two and a Half Men and Game of Thrones in the same basket. So why do it with One Punch Man and Dimension W? Here I try to review anime through the lens of my sister someone who has never watched anime and try to answer the question: should my sister watch this anime? So if you disagree with my reviews thats fine. You probably already like anime youre on this site and some of my criticism will be things that you and I are willing to look over because we are committed to the medium overlooking poor animation in favor of a good story etc. Its the same way people go to see Transformers movies. They arent masterpieces but to some they have a je ne sais quoi. If you want to get someone into anime but dont trust your own recommendations or dont want that responsibility feel free to use me as your bulwark from judgemental eyes. I dont have any rhyme or reason to the shows I pick usually. Its normally just what I am watching/finishing. If you have some things you think I should check out for my sister or just want to talk shit send mail to:

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