Hi there! I'm Tee

♡ ISFJ | Leo ♡
♡ Filipino | British ♡
♡ Sad, anxious bean ♡
♡ Professional digital farmer | Rhythm game addict ♡
♡ Food lover | anime nerd ♡

Favourite Genres:

♡ Sports | Slice of Life | Romance | Comedy ♡

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♡ Discord: Teeformee#7956 ♡

I love to analyse my favourite anime and talk about them with others, so if you see an anime on my list that you'd like to discuss, or just want to talk, shoot me a message and I'll surely respond!


Anime/Manga Origin Story

I first got into anime in 2009-2010. I first discovered the TV Channel Jetix, which had shows such as Shaman King, Beyblade, Dinosaur King and Mew Mew Power. That led to me trying to find anime clips on Youtube, thus discovering some of my nostalgic favourites: Ranma 1/2, Rave Master and Black Cat. I was really into AMVs such as this Black Cat one and this Ranma 1/2 one. Eventually as I got older, Youtube started recommending newer anime, and eventually I became a full on weeb. Around 2013-2014 I kinda dropped my interest in anime and since then I've been more of a casual watcher. Nowadays I watch anime in bursts every few months, and occasionally when I get really invested, I will theorize and gush about it on every social media I have. Examples include: A 4 page essay on a scene in Zankyou No Terror ; Exploring the gender/sexuality of Ranma 1/2 characters on tumblr ; An unfinished break down of what a 'soul' is in FMA:B.
I found manga around the same time (2009-2010). There was a graphic novel section in my local library and I would sit there for hours reading. Some of my favourite series were Black Cat and Shaman King. I eventually started buying my own manga and am currently in the process of buying all the copies of Ranma ½, FMA:B, Attack on Titan an No.6.

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230 Entries
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Slice of Life
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Favorite anime

Cowboy Bebop
TV · Finished
TV · Finished
Coquelicot-zaka kara
Movie · Finished
Ranma ½
TV · Finished
Black Cat
TV · Finished
Groove Adventure Rave
TV · Finished
Shaman King
TV · Finished
TV · Finished
Ouran Koukou Host Club
TV · Finished
Soul Eater
TV · Finished
Gakuen Alice
TV · Finished
Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo
Movie · Finished
Clannad: After Story
TV · Finished
Diamond no Ace
TV · Finished
Fruits Basket
TV · Finished

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