“I’ll watch anything. Even garbage. ESPECIALLY garbage.” ~TGG early 2016

“…However, I will never read the rest of Judas.” ~addendum, 2017

Hello! Most call me TGG (Will is alternatively fine). One day in 2016 I made the decision to read Berserk (though Vagabond is my real favorite manga) on a whim, and now I am an “anime-er” as they call them. And even now own manga in a physical form which makes me a full fledged degenerate. Even worse, I also occasionally write anime reviews and throw them onto Anilist. Though, I’m not sure I’d be willing to truly call them reviews.

Sometimes, I review disappointments. Sometimes, I review trash. Sometimes, I review batshit insanity. Sometimes, I review “hey have you ever heard of that one anime, it’s infamously bad”. Sometimes, I review random action shows ranging from bad, generic, to insane. Sometimes (almost never though), I review actually good shows. Manga reviews aren’t my thing but.

I am also a professional donut maker, enslaved by the Canadians who have wormed their way into the donut market in Ohio. Please, we must defeat the Canadians. I want to be free from the donut hell I am imprisoned within. Anime is the only way to escape from the neverending stench of processed glaze and baked goods. The guards are coming to take me back to the donut mines. HELP

Also, please do not follow me. Because of SayaWatashi, I frequently mass add random manga and flood people’s feeds. We cannot stop until our lists crash in attempting to load.

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