“Our only limits are the ones we place on ourselves.”

Cordelia (JP: Tiamo) in a support dialogue with Sumia; FE13

Why greetings, my good fellow! Fancy making your acquaintance here. As AniListers, we ought to make our home as comfy as possible. A nice bit of chat about anything, may it be random and delightful, will greatly please little old me.

Truth be told, I am more of a video games type and was active in some communities before as Linqvist amongst other nicknames. 'Twas the spring season of 2015, when my little sister and pegasus colleague Sumia decided to shove AniList into my face and meticulously coerced me to join in an instant.

Alas, therewith the end of this broken world grew nearer the moment I clicked on the register button, and a new time-consuming hobby emerged from the depths...

and honestly, we both regret it to this day

Genderisation: the very same as them Syngnathidae able to produce offspring
Longevity integer: "You are as young as you do feel," has hence ever been told
Zodiacal affinities: Aries and Sheep. Hm, Goat? Or Ram... whatever you prefer
IVs: blood type B RhD negative, personality type INFP–A 'Mediator–Assertive'
Heimat and genesis: Dutch-born Asian from southeastern barbaric genealogy
Indexed habitat: the salient in the proximity of Belgica's former quadrijunction
Advancements: socially awkward student Asia-Pacific Studies @ 立命館 APU
Curiosities: coin collecting, fooddhism, trivia, vexillology, VGM, teasing Sumia
Routinely spotted: FE Heroes, Nintendo Account, PlayStation Network, Steam

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Slice of Life
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Golden Boy
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Natsume Yuujinchou
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Yakitate!! Japan
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Chikan Otoko
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Tamen De Gushi
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